The Veman Ministry of Work and Pension, is one of the largest government ministries of the Kingdom of Veman responsible for policies and personnel not only in Mount Vema but from across the world, where hundreds of thousands are working on Vema Seamount associated projects.

The Veman Ministry of Work and Pensions has two operational organisations:

The Veman Job Center, represented outside Mount Vema, by Veman Jobs or Mount Vema Jobs and has the mission to help and prepare people for Veman employment, especially those who are not familiar with the Veman corporate culture.

Community Development Center, is the division responsible for finding appropriate employment for Veman college graduates and other Veman citizens planning to change careers.    

Health and Safety, the division is responsible for all health and safety matters in the country.

The Pension Service and Disability and Carers Service. The former pays the Basic Pension and Pension Credit and provides information on related issues; the latter provides financial support to disabled people and their carers.