A Creative Workshop for Young Writers


Six-week sessions.
Private classes available.

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Twelve hours to get you started

Whether you’re still in school or a recent graduate with a day job, if you’re writing flash fiction, a novel, an essay, a memoir, or even a non-fiction book proposal - no matter your genre -  sometimes you just need a nurturing environment away from your everyday stuff, secure from judgmental friends and family, to get you started, to refine your voice, to play with words, and to bring your projects alive and into the world.

That's what Wordstreaming is all about. Wordstreaming is a six-week two-hour weekly workshop that will help you get started, guide you toward progress in your current writing, and focus on improving your communications style.

Private classes available.

For more information write to MzWordstreaming@gmail.com
Tell me about yourself and what you want to write.

Word of The Day


I read from my work (flash fiction and memoir) at the long-running  Odd Monday Series in San Francisco organized by Judith and Ramon Sender.

"It was so pleasurable to hear Lisa Carlson read. She has such style, insight and a clear voice that she projects into, through and beyond the everyday. Whether she's talking about an old boyfriend, an imagined death or her quest for appropriate senior housing, she keeps her audience riveted."

Judith and Ramon Sender