A free multiplatform software to create concordances.

Copyright Massimo Nardello, Modena (Italy) 2016-2020.

Version - Published on April 4 2020.

WordStatix is a free and multiplatform software useful to create concordances, that are lists of the words used within a document along with their recurrence and context. The document may be structured in chapters, numbers or in any another way. The software allows to track specific words by prefix or suffix, to skip those which are meaningless (like articles or prepositions) or numbers, to create a simple statistic of the recurrence of all words or of some of them, possibly within the different sections of the document, and to create three kind of diagrams to visualize the statistical data in different ways.

This software, which is only in English and in Italian, can be used by professionals to analyze books and documents, but also by every person who writes some text, to evaluate the extent of his or her vocabulary and the way in which he or she uses the various words.

WordStatix is free software and is released under the GPL license version 3 or following.

WordStatix has been developed in Free Pascal with Lazarus (http://www.lazarus.freepascal.org). Thanks to this compiler, WordStatix runs natively on GNU/Linux 64 bit with GTK libraries, Windows 64 bit and macOS (Catalina included). The source code is available in the Download section.


These are few screenshots of the GNU/Linux GTK version of the software, with sample data. Click on each picture to enlarge it.

Section "File"

Section "Concordance"

Section "Statistic"

Section "Diagram", first kind of diagram

Section "Diagram", second kind of diagram

Section "Diagram", third kind of diagram

Section "Diagram" with a zoom on a part of the last diagram.

The following screenshots are taken from the Windows and macOS version of WordStatix, with sample data. Click on each picture to enlarge it.

WordStatix on Windows 10

WordStatix on OS X (old version, for Carbon libraries; the Cocoa version looks very differently).


Using the version 1.7 of WordStatix, on a a fairly recent computer with 12 GB of RAM the software, having the option "Advanced sort" disabled and no filter enabled, has processed the concordance of a text of about 100.000 words and of 16.000 unique words in about 45 seconds.

If the sorting of the words is very long and the option "Advanced sort" is enabled, try to disable it. Furthermore, on notebooks may be useful to connect the power in order to make the computer use all the power available.


The last version of WordStatix is, published on April 4 2020.

In the download section the following items are available:

  • the 64 deb packages to install WordStatix (GTK version) in Debian, Ubuntu, Mint and other Debian-derived GNU/Linux distributions;
  • the 64 rpm packages to install WordStatix (GTK version) in Fedora, openSuse, Mandriva and other similar GNU/Linux distributions;
  • the installation package of WordStatix for Windows 64 bit;
  • the compressed app file files of WordStatix for macOS;
  • the source code of WordStatix.
Go to the Download section.




To contact myself, the author of WordStatix, send an email to ms.nardello at the domain gmail.com. Please do not contact me in order to have support on the installation or the use of the software. I can't really answer to single users requests.

This software has been made with Lazarus