This is a medically factual photo of a human being at eight weeks after fertilization of the human female egg with the male sperm. The tiny baby is floating in the amniotic sac of water that acts as a shock absorber to the baby.  That is the yolk sac that disappears as the placenta develops. It nourishes the baby. And that is the umbilical cord that attaches the baby to the placenta. The placenta is a bundle of blood vessels to feed and nourish the tiny baby.  These tiny humans must have legal protection and the political climate has not been as favorable to that since before that ungodly and evil usurpation of power by the U S Supreme Court known legally as Roe v Wade. The time to create laws to protect the innocents in the womb is now. Defeat the powers of darkness [the devil who is a liar and murderer according to JESUS*].

To see more of photos of tiny humans in the womb, in amniotic sacs of "waters" and with the maternal [mother's] placenta, please visit this site of mine:
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Article about bacteria that occurs at some abortions named Clostridium Difficile at:
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Optimum Health is Achievable by Gloria Poole RN; Note: this particular site has been hacked into several times and probably by the killing organization known as :Planned Parenthhood" which is a killing field. You might be able to see the site at https://www.sites.google.com/site/optimumhealthisachievable/. Some people [bad people] have tried to annihilate me and my online missions and prolife writing and any site that has my name and professional status of Reg Nurse on it,and or my paintings I paint. I reason in GOD's time and in HIS way, HE will punish them accordingly as HE promised in Scripture for those who reject GOD or the commandments of GO)D including 'thou shalt not kill" in Exodus 20:13,KJV.

And to read the entire book about how humans develop that was written by medical doctors, buyfor your own use [as I did ] or get a copy from the library this textbook:

From Conception to Birth: the Drama of Life's Beginnings
written by Roberts Rugh and Landrum B Shettles, M.D. and with Richard N Einhorn. It is a great book and in much detail.  Also read what I have written about how humans develop on these websites of mine:
http://onlineeducator.biz/ was mine but the domain of onlineeducator.biz was stolen by cybercriminals who broke into my hosting account, and my intellectual properties /content was stolen by the criminals also. Many of my prolife and gospel sharing domains were stolen from me by cybercriminals. 

And please remember that the more you learn of facts, the more you will want to protect the tiny humans in the womb. It is time to legally declare the humans in the womb as human since they are human but declaring them to be human gives them immediate protection under the 14th Amendment of the United States clause about equal protections of the laws of the United States. Read these websites also please:

http://tapestry-of-life-LLP.blogspot.com/ with my poem " A Tune and a Tear'
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This site and this account is owned by me Gloria Poole of Missouri. I am also a Registered Nurse licensed in Missouri; and an artist in oils, acrylics, watercolors, powdered pastels, pen/inks; goauche, tempera.  I am a photographer of original genre nature and of my own paintings.sketches.drawings I paint/sketch/draw. Anything I put on a website is both legal and moral, always! Without exception. The wicked in high places tried to label the photos of unborn children in the womb as 'obscene' because it makes it so hard for them to kill them when they know they are human babies! It it my plan to make it very hard for them to kill them! To defeat the devil every time he raises his sinister evil. 

Remember these scriptures:
Footnote:* JESUS said, "the thief [the enemy of GOD who is the devil who tries to steal GOD's glory and plan] cometh not but for to steal, and to kill, and to destroy; I AM come that they might have life and have it more abundantly." John 10:10,KJV]

GOD wrote in stone the words, "Thou shalt not kill', Exodus 20:13

JESUS said, "Even so it is not the will of your FATHER which is in heaven that one of these little ones should perish." Matthew 18:14, KJV

"Open thy mouth for the dumb in the cause of all such as are appointed to destruction." Proverbs 31:8

Also I wanted to add this news that I learned from Lifesitenews that sent it to me in email. {Please sign up for their newsletter} :
There is a lawsuit filed by lawyers Thomas G Hungar and Sam Casey on behalf of the Christian Medical Association's group of 16,000 medical doctors to stop the National Institute of Health from funding the premeditated destruction of human embryoes. The plaintiffs include the medical doctors of Christian Medical Association and also Dr James Sherley formerly of Massachusetts Institute of Technology who was fired for opposing the evil of research on humans. If you know anything about the eventual outcomes of the Nazi era then you know that the Nuremberg trials and the resultant code of international law afterwards adopted forbids research on humans that destroys them or maims them. Also the co-counsel is Alliance Defense Fund, and lawyers Thomas Hungar and Sam Casey are from the Advocates International Law of Life Project. Thank GOD for these men and these medical doctors who are putting their beliefs and their medical knowledge to probably the best use ever in defending human life, and the right to life.

Also remember that Obama is lying! He is trying to fool the American public by saying such foolish things as that citizens should not 'micromanage' the issues. He's a fool and an evil one at that.  It is precisely the duty of American citizens to be actively involved in every decision that Congress makes and it is the duty of the President to be the President not the cheerleader or the hand holding the hammer to beat you into submission [the communist symbol] . Obama needs to get back to the White House and stop lobbying /pressuring Congress! And shut his stupid mouth! He knows nothing but basketball. Rep Lois Capps of the House Energy and Commerce Comittee introduced an Amendment to force all citizens to have to pay for abortions and to force subsidies of those insurance companies that would pay for them. Does that tell you how they are trying to hide that? By sticking in ENERGY and COMMERCE? Do they plan to openly start selling human flesh and blood like a commodity now? Those people in Congress [democrats and Republicans who vote for a right to kill, and sell humans' flesh] are evil. Vote them out of office please for the sake of the human race, and the future of America.

Update: There is much info about medical standards  and the fact that mst abortionists do not meet medical standards on my log at http://gloriapoole.blogspot.com on the entry for today [June 20,2012] and the previous entry also. Educate yourself on the issues please. Help save the baby humans, and the human race from premeditated destruction .

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