Tentative Lineup

Angela Marcum - "Your Are to Me" by Rebecca Doughty

Barbara Evans - "When No One is Watching" by Eileen Spinelli

Gary Ambler - "The Man Who Lived in a Hollow Tree" by Anne Shelby and Cor Hazelaar

Cameron Cornell - "Bugs in My Hair" and "Too Many Toys" by David Shannon (with JW Morrissette and Chrsitine)

Cara Maurizi - "I Ain't gonna Paint No More" by Karen Beaumont and "The Sky of Afghanistan" by Ana Eulate

Mindy Manolakes - "How to Make a Night" by Linda Ashman

Christine Sevec-Johnson - "Too Many Toys" by David Shannon (with JW and Cameron) and "Cool Daddy Rat" by Kristen Crow

Barbara Ridenour - "Nobody Owns the Sky" by Reeve Lindbergh

David Butler and Kay Holley - "A Blue So Blue" by Jean-François Dumont

Performer unknown - "Grown-ups Get to do All the Driving" by William Steig

Kent Conrad - "The Child Cruncher" by Mathilde Stein and Mies Van Hout
                     "Tree Tree Tree" by Mister Rogers
                     "If I Had Words" from the movie Babe

This schedule is subject to change.