Welcome, and thank you for visiting "Words and Then Some", which is a site that I've created in order to have one "home-base type" of site for my ever accumulating collection of free-time, casual, online-writing.  As a writer who writes for both business and pleasure; and as a person who takes breaks from writing by doing a little dabbling in non-writing-related, creative, efforts;  I wanted/needed one home base from which to operate, but also where I could store (or dump, depending on how you see one or another piece of writing) my writing and other stuff.

Because this site is that "home-base type of thing" for the wide variety of types of writing I've done in my skimmed/free time you may find anything from straight articles to essays to ideas presented in a very informal style (kind of like the type of thing I might say to a friend in conversation about any number of things/issues in life).  I mention this only because I want any visitors to know that I haven't created this site as a "writer's site", but as a "person's site".  I've often said that writing is very much like walking - it's something for which we have many uses and aims, and the style in which we exercise either depends on why we're doing it.

For the most part, and as the title of the site suggests, if it's words (and even if it isn't), and if those words are mine, then whatever it is could end up here.

Also, this site is something I've set up as part of transitioning ("reconciling") use of a long-established pen-name with writing under my real name.  Doing that hasn't been (isn't) a simple or quick process, but I have my reasons for wanting to do that; over, say, just abandoning "pen-name writing" and "starting clean".

Navigation Tips/Information

Click on one of the boxes across the top of page to get to either a page that introduces that subject/category or else the only page associated with that subject/category (at least at the present time).  Some "introductory pages" contain links to material I have on other sites and haven't (in some cases, yet) moved to this one.  

On an unrelated noted (kind of), I'm in the process of moving things from the sidebar, so for now it looks like there's no real rhyme or reason to where some articles are.  Please bear with me.