Are you a Utah keyboarding teacher who is struggling to come up with lesson plans to teach the word processing skills in your Keyboarding or Keyboarding Applications class? Is the textbook you've been using outdated and textbook adoption isn't for 4 more years? Unfortunately, textbook adoption does not happen as often as office software upgrades. So we find ourselves reinventing the word processing activities for our students.

The purpose of this site is to provide an open source textbook for Utah keyboarding teachers to use as a supplement to their drill-and-practice software in Keyboarding Applications classrooms. Although many of the word processing skills taught in Keyboarding Applications parallel those taught in Keyboarding I, the textbook is being created with the standards and objectives for Keyboarding Applications in mind.

Teachers can download the open source textbook as a single file or choose which lessons they would like to use and download them individually. The lesson plans resource materials and keys are posted individually organized so that teachers can download them as needed for their lessons. Resource files and keys will need to be saved in a location where students can access them. Some editing of instructions may be necessary to indicate where resource files can be found, what printer to use, how to access student e-mail, etc.

How I do things

    My 45 minute class period broken into 3 parts.

Warm Up Activity
The first 5-10 minutes are used for a warm up activity. If you are interested in downloading my warm ups, click on the link on the left navigation bar.

Word Processing Activity
After the warm up, students do the word processing activity for the day. As they complete the activity, they raise their hand and I check the document on their screen. This gives me an opportunity to check for understanding and correct errors immediately.

Drill and Practice
Students spend the remainder of the class period working in the drill and practice software. I use Ellsworth, but any drill and practice software will do.

Weekly Units
Students are given a Unit Sheet each week with a list of the word processing activities they will be doing that week. As I check their document, I mark it off on their Unit Sheet which saves printing multiple documents.

I assign 4 word processing activities a week, leaving Friday as a day to finish up anything they did not get done and complete the assigned drill and practice lessons.

How I use the textbook

I have printed all pages of the textbook and placed them in plastic sheet protectors. The sheet protectors have then been placed in two 1/2 inch 3 ring binders.

The sheet protectors keep the pages from getting ripped, torn, wrinkled, or written on. They also make it easy to reprint a single page if an error is found or if I want to make changes to the instructions.

I divide the text into two 1/2 inch binders because it makes them more manageable for students. With a 1/2 inch binder students can fold the cover around back and set it on the keyboard stand. I generally put the materials for one quarter in a binder.