"In the beginning was the WORD"
Word-FM is a new radio station based in Bolgatanga in Ghana.
The purpose of this new station is to bring the Word of God into the homes and workplaces of the north east of the country.
So just tune in to 88.3 FM to find something that will change your life forever.
One Word from God can change your life.

About Word-FM 88.3

What and where is WORD FM 88.3

WORD-FM is a Northern Ghana community Christian Radio Ministry, based in Bolgatanga in the Upper East Region.

Vision and Focus: Our vision is getting the word of God to every heart in Northern Ghana and nearby French speaking countries sharing borders with Northern Ghana. Our focus is to reach the thousands of un-reached Communities who, due to unfavorable economic conditions, have no way of hearing the gospel until the return of Christ Jesus.

Activities: Apart from sharing the gospel and building people's faith in the Lord, WORD-FM would be a platform for peace building, health, and education, women and child rights, eradicating tribal wars, poverty and improving the social and economic lives of the people in our coverage areas.