WORD FM.88.3

 About WORD-FM Radio, Ghana.

A dream becomes a reality! 
“WORD” really refers to the word of God, the only way and source of salvation, peace, healing and prosperity to my suffering community. As a convert of a Liberian Christian radio ministry my self, radio ministry became my dream, vision and only and effective means of reaching un-reached masses, beginning with my own un-reached tribe the Farefare people, the entire Northern Ghana and beyond with the gospel of salvation. 
Set My People Free!
About 25 years back Farefare tribe and almost all Northern Ghana were under bondage, fear and worship of the devil and power of darkness. It was in this era l got converted to Christianity in Ghana through the earlier mentioned radio ministry. But due to the very high illiteracy situation, there were no trained nationals and because of the extreme poverty prevailing in the area no trained pastor could accept staying to share the gospel or lead those who might have accepted the word of God. This is still happening within many large Farefare communities and in many areas in Northern Ghana. There were only untrained indigenous leaders who could neither read nor write but became Christians and decide to spread the word. My hunger and taste for the word of God that time was never quenched until one day l was tuning my fathers old radio for nothing in particular when l heard the name Jesus mentioned on a station. I quickly stopped and set that station clear and behold it was my dearest need. 
My Bible teacher:
This station became my Bible teacher and faith builder as l listened every day. We soon became a big listening group of which today many of us have remained in the faith. Apart from this Liberia Christian radio, there was never any pastor or Bible teacher at that time that could read from the Bible and explain to us. As l was growing my heart was burdened with a radio ministry but looking at my financial background there is no way to make that happen unless a miracle from God. The Lord confirmed many times in prayer and dreams, the possibility of establishing and running a radio ministry. 

The desire to know Christ:
This desire grew more intensive when l was in the field and seeing the thousands of un-reached souls l cannot reach personally. In 2006 l met a missionary friend and shared my dream to her and she introduced me to HCJB group in Ghana. After few visits they saw the real need for a radio ministry and as we kept praying together, the Lord made a way for them and the purchased the equipments and the radio now set up. The real issue is, there are many un-reached in many parts of Ghana especially the Northern part of Ghana and on the Burkina Faso boarders with Ghana. They are all happy for the establishment of this radio station for one common thing the WORD of God. It is my prayer that you be part of this wonderful ministry and support its worthy cause. God Bless you.


Pastor Peter Awane.