Wordcasting News

Ok so we released Advanced Game Guide for free. Why you might ask? First just wanted something that everyone might use, second this might be our last book. We have a few more things in the works but their real small nothing major.

Do to many request the class received an upgrade.
The Pugilist now has a full BAB. In addition a few abilities where adjusted and some of the bonus feats as well.

The Advanced Class and NPC is listed on RPGnow.com this is a book made with the intention to give options in combat making players think and preform where once they would just attack. If you give the classes in this book a chance I am sure you will find a good deal of fun playing them.

The Soulcaster and NPC is now listed on RPGnow. This is the caster class I was planing on bringing out. It functions much like the warloc class for DnD 3.5.  Hope all who see the book enjoys it.

Our first product is now on RPGnow for sale. This is the first but not our last we are in the works to bring out a caster class as well.  Thank you all for having faith in our ability and we hope to continue our work for a long time.

Wordcasting would like to state that we are about to release our first book for the Pathfinder Role Playing Game.  The book is called The Pugilist and is only the first of many fine works we plan on releasing to the public.  We at Wordcasting are looking forward to the future and all that we can offer to you.