General Guidelines

General Guidelines for Inclusion: Worcester Area Writers Revision Project


I. Authors Whose Works Are Generally Included

A.) Any individual born in Worcester County who has authored, co-authored, or edited a book (i.e. a published work of at least 49 pp., or of at least 32 pp. for juvenile books)—excluding self-published vanity works or textbooks


B.) For any book (as described above in “A”), any individual who may not have been born in Worcester County, but who has produced (or was later inspired to produce) a book while living in, working in, or visiting Worcester County.


C.) For any book (see “A,” above) by any individual (as described above in “A” and “B”), generally, any item identified with an ISBN that is recognizable as a book and that would likely be found catalogued in a public library (e.g., graphic novels containing narrative text, poetry anthologies, biographies, joke books, self-help books, pictorial works (art catalogs, atlases, photo essays, “coffee table” books, etc.) that contain substantial accompanying text by the individual in question)


D.) Any individual who has authored a published (or self-published) book that is a narrative history or demographic analysis, focusing on all or any part of Worcester County—regardless of whether or not the individual was a native of this county or ever visited it


E.) A book (see “A,” above) of cultural and literary significance by a person who lived or worked in Worcester County for a significant length of time before or after having authored the book outside of Worcester County



II. Authors Whose Works Are Generally Excluded


A.) Self-published works from the 20th or 21st centuries that have not made a substantial contribution to culture within or beyond Worcester County


B.) Works published only in an electronic or other non-print format


C.) A bound work having fewer than 49 pages (or fewer than 32 pages for juvenile picture books)


D.) Journal articles, papers (such as those delivered at symposia or colloquia), master’s theses, doctoral dissertations


E.) Part of a book (e.g., one or more sections, fascicles, or chapters)


F.) Textbooks, manuals, or other books using technical or otherwise specialized vocabulary intended primarily for specialized audiences


G.) Graphics within a work that was authored by another individual


H.) Ephemera


III. Authors Whose Works May Be Included by Special Accommodation


A.) Any individual whose writing’s cultural impact beyond Worcester County is indisputable (e.g., such television screenwriters as Denis Leary, television journalist/producers as Suzanne St. Pierre, or screenwriters as John Michael Hayes)


B.) Any individual whose book is educational in nature, but whose primary use is outside of a classroom (e.g., identification guides (for animals, plants, stars, shells, etc.), travel guides, foreign language instruction manuals, golf instruction books, etc.)


C.) Any published (or self-published) work that was produced before the 20th century that had (or has) made a significant contribution to culture within or beyond Worcester County


D.) Such works deemed so by the Editorial Board


(February 28, 2011 revision approved by Thomas Conroy, Joy Hennig, Jeffrey Long, and Michael True)