The Immortals of Karameikos


Amando: Does this place have gods?

Rejondo: Gods? What are these gods?

Amando: Beings of great power who meddle in the daily affairs of mortals, demand worship, and wreak havoc wherever they pass.

Rejondo: Nay, we have Immortals here!

Amando: What are these Immortals?

Rejondo: Beings of great power who meddle in the daily affairs of mortals and wreak havoc wherever they pass. But they only occasionally demand worship.

Amando: Ah! I feel much more secure now.


From Inn Between the Worlds

By Emilio the Great

The most powerful beings on the world of Mystara are not even on Mystara; they live on other planes of existence and wield huge amounts of power. In the past they have made the world their plaything, raising plateaus, carving craters, and banishing civilizations much as a house mistress rearranges her furnishings. These are the Immortals, and hold power that in other worlds might make them as to gods.


The Immortals of Mystara are not truly gods, however. Rather, they are powerful  mortals who have advanced well beyond their former peers. Some have forgotten their mortal roots, and some claim divine guidance or inspiration (some of these share the names of other, elder gods from far-off lands). Despite all their power, the  Immortals have their own limitations, and despite their title, they have proved killable.


Many Immortals have adopted one or more groups of individuals as their own chosen people, who they serve as a divine patron.  The following lists may be used in addition to the ones found in Chapter 6 of the player’s Handbook (treat the deities from the PHB as Thyatian deities):


Immortal Patron by Race

Human (Thyatian) –see Church of Karameikos, below

Human (Traladaran) – see Church of Traladara, below

Dwarf – Kagyar

Elf - Illsundal

Gnome - Garl Glittergold

Half-elf – Illsundal, Church of Karameikos, or Church of Traladara (depending on which society they were raise in)

Halfling The High Heroes (Brindorhin, Nob Nar, and Coberham Shadowglint)


Immortal Patron by Class or Occupation

Asterius - Merchants, Thieves/Rogues, Heralds, Travellers

Kagyar - Dwarves, Craftsmen, Miners

Ilsundal - Elves, Woodlands (including Foresters,Druids, and Rangers), Magic users

Valerias - Lovers,Mothers, Charitable benefators

Vanya - Warriors, Leaders

Chardastes - Healers

Garal Glitterlode - Gnomes, Inventors, Craftsmen

Brindorhin - Hin, Family, Farmers

Nor Nar - Hin, Adventurers

Coberham Shadowglint - Hin, Students, Magic users

Halav - Warriors, Weaponsmiths, Armorers,

Petra - Potters, Healers, Archers, Spinners & Weavers

Zirchev - Woodlands (including Foresters, Druids, and Rangers), Magic Users


The Immortals venerated by the Church of Karameikos are:

Asterius, Kagyar, Ilsundal, Valerias , Vanya, and Chardastes

The Immortals venerated by the Church of Traladara are:

Halav, Petra, and Zirchev 

Patron of Trade and Money, Patron of Communication, Protector of Merchants and Thieves
Symbol: the moon  or a silver coin
Personality: Asterius is extremely friendly and charming at first sight, but he hides a dangerous side that never shows and which helps him taking his enemies by surprise to achieve his goals. He considers himself the universal patron of thieves and merchants because they are two sides of the same coin, even though he despises the evil ones who act merely for self gratification or for envy. He is also associated with travellers and those who bring information, since knowledge is a priceless good on Mystara.
Followers' Alignment: any; clerics cannot be Lawful
Clerics' skills and powers: clerics gain one of the following as a class skills: Move Silently or Hide . Moreover they obtain a +2 bonus to Appraise.

Domains: Good, Knowledge, Travel
Preferred Weapon: dagger

Kagyar the Artisan

Patron of Dwarves, Patron of Craftsmen, Protector of Miners
Symbol: hammer and chisel crossed
Personality: Kagyar is the patron of craftsmen and the dwarven race, and has little interest in all the rest. He is able to grant great inspiration to any individual that demonstrates an innate talent for art and craftsmanship, but tends to become distant and disinterested by anything else, even if he is enraged when assisting in the destruction of great natural or artificial works.
Alignment of followers: any; clerics must be Lawful or Neutral
Clerics’ skills and powers: +1 bonus to Saving Throws vs. Spells; +2 bonus to one type of craft skill (must have at least 1 rank in skill to gain bonus).
Domains: Law, Earth, Strength
Preferred weapon: warhammer

Ilsundal the Wise

Patron of Elves
Symbol: silhouette of the Tree of Life
Personality: Ilsundal is a patient and thoughtful immortal blessed with great sensitivity and wisdom. All the centuries spent as elf first and immortal afterwards only increased his quiet character and his slow and studied habits, and now he shows the most seraphic calm even in the middle of the most furious of battles. He always watches over his followers and oversees that the elves still hold to the ancient sylvan ways and don't abuse of the knowledge and the arcane arts they master.
Followers' alignment: any; Clerics must be Lawful
Clerics' skills & powers: +2 bonus to Survival (only gained in woodland settings)
Domains: Law, Good, Knowledge, Plant, Magic
Preferred weapon: Quarterstaff


Immortal of Love, Girder-on of Weapons, Lady of Charity,
Symbol: a delicate rose with particularly pointed thorns
Personality: Valerias is a very passionate Immortal and as such her temperament is stormy, proud, sanguine. She likes to meddle in the affairs of mortals and is inclined to indirectly intervene to help all those mortals that affect her fantasy or demonstrate charm and charisma. These rushes of blood are however transitory, and so as suddenly as her interest for a story or an individual can bloom it can diminish equally rapidly when it grows troublesome or predictable.
Alignment of followers: clerics and followers can have any alignment (clerics are usually Neutral or Chaotic)
Favourite weapon: short sword or rapier (allowed all bludgeoning weapons)
Clerics’ skills and powers: can freely cast locate object and remove fear each once per day (considered magical abilities).
Domains: Chaos, Good, Protection
Preferred weapon: short sword


Patroness of War and Conquerors
two short swords crossed over a vertical spear

Personality: Vanya is the perfect example of a person who lived by heaps and bounds. During her mortal life she launched herself without restraint in every war, battle, adventure, challenge, and even personal relationship. As an Immortal she sees with favour all those individuals who live their life to their maximum as much as she did. Vanya appreciates above all those followers who do not hesitate in front of the danger, but are prepared to test their faith and their force of will against impossible challenges. On the other hand, she despises cowardice and does not hesitate to punish the cowards and the traitors. For Vanya war is an art that must be appreciated, practiced and undertaken seriously. She believes in fact that war and conquest are the major forces that influence the history and culture of any society. War tests people's willpower and resourcefulness, where only the best survive to improve the world. At the same time, conquest stimulates progress, since it brings together different civilisations (the victorious and the defeated ones) and forces them to confront each other, mixing elements of both to generate new ideas, new possibilities and new paradigms. Vanya knows that war brings also destruction and desperation, and that if the conqueror is not wise the risk of cancelling all the benefits of the conquest with its dysfunctions (tyranny, abuse and indolence were the mark of the Milenian conquerors to her) are high. Therefore only those who master the art of war will be capable of choosing the future of the world, and for this reason she trains her followers to cover this role. Vanya does not like to maintain the status quo, since her vision of the world reflects her personality: ever changing and full of possibilities, much like any battle. She blesses the winners: she does not care the purpose of the battle, she just cares for victory and the glory that comes with it. Vanya shows no mercy towards the losers or the weak ones, and she does not care to promote kingdoms or laws that will eventually led to stagnation and therefore to indulgence and sloth. She encourages battle and war to strengthen her followers and shape healthier future generations, so that the more skilled (not just the stronger) will be victorious.
Followers' Alignment: any
Clerics' skills and powers: gain Alertness as a bonus feat
Domains: Law, War, Strength
Preferred weapon: sword (one type to choose among: longsword, short sword or two-handed sword)


Patron of Medicine and Healing
Symbol: a silver bell
Personality: Chardastes is scrupulous, patient and completely obsessed by protecting life, which he holds as the greatest mystery of universe. For this reason he hates death and destruction with passion, and the outmost form of aberration to his eyes (and those of his followers) is obviously undeath (which he himself experimented personally when he became a mummy). He teaches his followers to protect life at all costs and to respect the natural life-cycle, and encourages them to study the secrets of the human body and soul to better understand their nature and cure them.
Followers' Alignment: Lawful or Neutral; clerics must be Lawful
Cleric's skills & powers: +2 bonus on Heal checks
Domains: Good, Healing, Water
Preferred weapon: light mace

Garal Glitterlode (Garl Glittergold)
Patron of Gnomes, Patron of Invention and Crafts, Supreme Technician

Symbol: A facetted and sparkling crystal; or two joined cogs
Personality: Garal is an industrious person and is always doing something, usually performing several different tasks at the same time to avoid losing time. He is extremely precise as well as ingenious and has been blessed with a fantasy and a creative spirit not common even among immortals.

Followers' Alignment: Any
Clerics' skills and powers: +2 bonus to Craft (alchemy)
Domains: Chaos, Good, Trickery
Preferred weapon: Gnome Hooked Hammer


Patron Of Halflings, High Hero and Protector of the Five Shires, Patron of Abundance
Symbol: a golden ear of wheat
Personality: Brindorhin is a merry but pragmatic immortal, deeply fond of traditions and laws. He loves life deeply and teaches his worshippers to enjoy the fruits of the earth and their job without trying to find cheap or unlawful ways to gain more wealth. The greatest treasure for any halfling is in fact the safety of his home and the love of his family.

 Followers' Alignment: any; Clerics must be Lawful
Clerics' skills & powers: +2 bonus to Diplomacy
Domains: Law, Good, Plant
Preferred weapon: rapier

Nob Nar

Patron of Halflings, Protector of the Five Shires, Patron of Adventurers and Audacity
Symbol: a downwards pointing sword curved to form a fang
Personality: Nob Nar has never lost his vocation for the goliardery and impossible adventure, and watch with favour all those individuals that risk their lives to follow dreams of glory and for the good of the next.

Alignment of followers: followers and clerics can be of any alignment
Clerics’ skills and powers: gainAlertness as bonus feat
Domains: Good, Travel, Protection
Preferred weapon: short sword

Coberham Shadowglint

Patron of Hins, Protector of the Five Shires, First Master
Symbol: a black flame
Personality; Coberham is as much wise as he is silent. He loves to ponder the deep issues of the Multiverse and to study all unique and innovative forms of magic.

Followers' Alignment: any
Clerics' skills & powers: + bonus to Spellcraft.

 Domains: Magic, Knowledge, Fire
Preferred weapon: siangham


Patron of Warfare, Patron of Weaponsmiths, Patron of Traladara, Bane of the Humanoids
Symbol: a sword plunged into an anvil
Personality: Halav is a fierce enemy of all immortal patrons of humanoids, with the exception of Karaash (immortal patron of Orcs), whom he respects greatly for his tactical skills and honour on the battlefield. He also despises Vanya for the hatred she shows towards his protégés (the Milenians), and tries to hinder her plans whenever they threaten the Milenians or the Traldars.
Followers' alignment: any; clerics must be Lawful or Neutral
Clerics' skills & powers: +2 bonus to Craft (weaponsmithing)
Domains: Law, Strength, War
Preferred weapon: short sword


Warden of Traladara, Patroness of Defenders, Patroness of Besieged Cities
Symbol: a round shield with a boss in its centre; some may consider it a potter's wheel viewed from above
Personality: Petra is a very practical immortal who doesn't like nonsense and trivialities. She does not feel pity for those who do not have the courage to challenge fate and adversities and prefer instead to cry and mourn. She prefers those characters who go on despite the hardships and never fear to face the impossible. Petra is patroness of many warrior clerics, of those who defend besieged settlements and of Traldars (and their descendants) all around the world. She is often in open conflict with Vanya because of Vanya's mood for conquering anything (including Karameikos)

Followers' alignment: must be Lawful
Clerics' skills & powers: +1 bonus to Strength, +2 bonus to Leadership and Military Tactics general skills
Domains: Law, Protection, Healing
Preferred weapon: Heavy mace and Short Bow


The Huntsman, Protector of the Sylvan Races, Patron of Hunting
Symbol: a hawk riding a wolf
Personality: Zirchev has always been an introvert and lonely type, and not going along with humans he ended up striking a bond with animals. He spent so much time in the woods that he also became friend with the intelligent sylvan creatures (centaurs, fey, treants, etc.) and took a liking to this kind of life. For this reason he is now a patron of outcasts and preaches tolerance and respect for the fellow being (be it a man or something else). The later Traladaran legends distorted the true facts and presented him only as a huntsman and woodsman that had the gift of taming every animal he met, making him patron of the woods. Zirchev never did anything to change this view in Traladara or among the Traldars, since he likes the portrait anyway. The Sylvan races however, have a better understanding of his real personality and goals.

 Followers' alignment: any; clerics must be Neutral
Favoured weapons: Spear (allowed all druidic weapons)
Clerics' skills & powers:  +2 bonus to any one skill among the following: Survival (bonus only gained in woods), Nature Knowledge (Nature), Move silently (bonus only gained in woods), Handle Animal
Domains: Animal, Magic, Plant
Preferred weapon: spear and longbow