Who are We?

 Caroll Murphy
Tim Young
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We are both Counsellors & Psychotherapists in private practice, who live and work in the Worcester area (Midlands region, United Kingdom).   For many years we have been disappointed by  the distinct lack of opportunities to experience the highest quality psychological & psychotherapeutic training, here in the Midlands.     With this in mind, we formed a working partnership in December 2004 to address this need and we call ourselves ‘Worcester Therapeutic Training Network’ (WTTN). 

Our aim is to attract the leading names in the field of Psychology & Psychotherapy to us here in the Midlands to run training events, encouraging local networking, whilst keeping the costs as low as possible and at a very attractive and comfortable local venue.

We would be grateful for your support in this venture.   Any suggestions you may have as to future topics, speakers or structure of these training events will be most welcome.   Please e-mail Tim at  tim@wttn.org.uk