The following documents are provided by previous speakers at WTTN events. They are provided free to download but please respect their copyright with regards to their use.
For Susie Orbach's academic papers;

This article (which is downloadable in 2 parts) was originally published by the British Journal of Psychotherapy Vol 20, no. 1 Autumn 2003 and forms the central essay in Touch:Attachment and the Body, edited by Kate White, published by Karnacs 2004. (Please note that they are in PDF format & are in 2 parts)
Click HERE for paper one
Click HERE for paper two

For Gael Lindenfield's papers;

Click HERE for her PowerPoint presentation  (PDF format)
Click HERE for 'Personal Anger Warning signals'   (PDF format)
Click HERE for 'Anger in Action' document   (PDF format)
Click HERE for 'Anger Perception Filters' document  (PDF format)
Click HERE for 'Anger Triggers' document (PDF Format) This is the document not previously provided at Gael's Master Class

For David Mearn's PowerPoint Presentation Click HERE

For Paul Gilbert's paper on 'Compassionate Mind training'  click HERE

For Lisa Wake's training notes click HERE

For Michael Soth's training notes

Michael has sent 7 files plus an introductory letter in Word format.  To download click on each title;

For Andrew Seubert's
'The Courage to Feel'  PowerPoint Presentation (2008) click HERE
"The Power & Peace of Awareness" click HERE
"Anchoring Sequence" click HERE

Prof.  Emmy van Deurzen has kindly offered access to her PowerPoint slides used at our Master Class
on 6th February 2010
The file is very large & may be accessed from her website click 'Slide Share' when you're on the site

Andrew Seubert's  EMDR 2 Day Workshop in June 2010
For Day One (MS Powerpoint)  click HERE
For Day Two (MS Powerpoint) click HERE
For all of his Handouts click

Nigel Hamilton's 'Working with Dreams' Master Class Slides
These slides are in Microsoft Powerpoint format
For Master Class Slides click HERE

Greg Madison 'Integrating Focusing into your Practice: A Therapist Workshop'. 
For Greg's paper on 'Focusing on Existence: Five Facets of an Experiential-Existential Model'   click  HERE