PC Support
Your PC has just stopped working. You have no idea why and you've tried calling a helpline (at arm-and-a-leg p per minute!) with no luck.

PCs can often be repaired quickly and economically without a complete rebuild. The reason that helplines often tell you to reload your Operating System is because it works in the majority of cases. What they often neglect to mention is that in addition to loading the Operating System you will usually need to reload all your programs, printers, scanners, digital cameras, graphics card drivers and other devices. Also, any data on your hard drive will have been lost.

There's no need for this, just contact us on our24-hour helpline

0843 289 8170 

    and we'll take the details of your problem then give you a repair estimate

All computer parts can fail and any of these can be replaced in a standard desktop PC or laptop fairly quickly. A hard drive failure can mean a loss of your data. If this is the case we can attempt to recover your data and advise you of the % of data they can retrieve if not 100% before we go ahead.

Software Failures

It is more common for a PC to have software problems than a hardware failure. (Software is the operating system you use to run the machine i.e. Windows XP, Windows Vista or Windows 7 etc, or the programs you use to work with such as Microsoft word etc.)

We have seen virtually all causes of software problems before so our experience and expertise means we can reduce the amount of time spent correcting your computer problems. If you have PC problems, give us a call on 0843 289 8170 now.


  • Fitting new telephone / broadband extensions.
  • Repairing existing faulty phone sockets from £50.
  • Installation and setting up of home PCs.
  • Repairs to and servicing of home PCs.
  • Installation and support of SME networks, servers and PCs, including remote support.
  • 24/7 support of SME networks, servers and PCs, including remote support.
  • Installation and support of home and SME networks, wired and wireless.
  • 24/7 Telephone and remote support.