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Light up your HOME with LEDs

 If you have a Massachusetts commercial electricity bill, EFI is
offering some LEDs for free (high tech light bulbs that use 1/5th of the
electricity as normal incandescent light bulbs).

These bulbs can save you a lot on electricity and on maintenance
because the LEDs last 30 times longer than a normal incandescent (and 3
times longer than most CFLs).*

The bulbs normally cost $50 to $100 each. The utilities are paying for
businesses to get LEDs because businesses leave their lights on for so many
hours a day. The utilities are mandated to lower electricity use in the

If you order through EFI now, the LEDs will cost you from $13 down to
nothing at all except for the cost of shipping. Can't get much cheaper
than that.

There is a flyer attached explaining the deal and the prices (2nd page).
If you don't speak light-bulb-ese (lumens, par30, etc) call Steve at EFI
and explain what you want and see if one of the LEDs will work for what you

To order contact Steve Lavelle
(800) 876-0660 ext. 4437
Cell: (508) 439-0208


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Green Tour

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Green Tour Flyer.doc

Get Certified

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$50 Rebate For That Old Fridge!!

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Your second refrigerator could be freezing up energy savings for you.
Old refrigerators use up to four times more electricity than new ones
and cost an average of $150 a year to run.
National Grid makes it easy to get rid of your old, second
refrigerator or freezer. Just call us today at 1-877-545-4113, and
we'll haul away your old appliance for free, plus we'll give you $50
for recycling it. It's a convenient way to conserve energy, clear up
space in your home, and get some easy money.

Help protect the environment.
Reduce ozone-depleting gas produced by
older appliances
Reduce your home's carbon footprint
Over 95% of parts and materials will be
recycled into new products
Shopping for a new fridge?
Choose an ENERGY STAR® Qualified model, and you could save as much as
$200 a year. You'll even receive a special $50 rebate. Download our
rebate form today.


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Thanks to Butter Side Down and some great volunteers our barn-raising went off without a hitch. We were able to weatherize the 3 floor apartment building at 16 Birch Street on November 19th from the basement to the top floor. After all the work was complete BSD fed all the volunteers and we celebrated our participation in helping people stay warm for the winter and meeting new faces gathered together for the same cause, community.

Our New Logo!

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    Special thanks to our logo designer:
              Cosme from the
           Stone Soup Collective.

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Green Meetings


A sampling of groups meeting on sustainability issues:


WOHEC: Worcester Housing Energy Community – Meets monthly on Thursdays or Fridays at 10:00 AM. Broad diversity of attendees incuding individuals from grassroots groups, non-profits, academic community. students and the city.


Green and Healthy Homes – Expanded beyond the former Worcester Lead Collaborative. Tuesday Mornings at 10:30 AM. Attended by individuals from the EPA,  Worcester Regional Environmental Council and city employees - among others.
Worcester Green Jobs Coalition - In the process of changing its focus. Meets the third Thursday of every month at 5:30 PM. Currently planning the second annual Green Solidarity Economy Conference.

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