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Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Last year we had roughly 80 students submit and present projects! Our "Give Science a Try" night, which included a fantastic live Science Show, and several hands-on STEAM activities, was a big success as well.  At this age level, we want to promote and encourage a love for the sciences. In line with the Maker Funday/STEAM initiative focus here at Worcester, the goal is to get our students to ask questions, explore problems, and try to find solutions.  We often find that simple projects work best...especially when they stem from your child's curiosity about a topic.

Some General Guidelines:

--Children may work on projects together...even complete the same project, however each child should produce their own project board to enter in the Fair. This is so that awards need to be given to individuals rather than team projects. 

--While strict adherence to the Scientific or Engineering Design methods, is not expected, we would like the students to display on their boards, their idea or question, what they did, and what they learned. We would like to see 4th-Grade participants follow these experimental methods more closely. 

All students who enter the fair will get something for participating.

**There will be 1 overall best project and display board winner per grade that will receive a gift and certificate.

**There will also be 4 specific category awards for each grade awarded the best:
  • Physical Science Project
  • Life Science Project 
  • Technology/Engineering Project
  • Art/Design Project

There is an abundance of information available on this site. Please click on the links on left side of the page for more infomation.

Please email Mary Yeh:  or  Kate Pack: if you have any questions or you would like to volunteer to help at the Science Fair.

Thank you.
The Worcester Science Fair Committee

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