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ANIM1001 Origins and Functions


ANIM1003 Drawing for Animators

ANIM1005  Fundamentals of Modeling for Games Art and Animation: Asset Creation

DFPR1101 Crafting the Moving Image

ANIM2000 2D Animation

ANIM2001 CGI1: Modelling & Texturing
ANIM2002 CGI 2: Rigging and Animation

ANIM2003 Stop motion
ANIM2004 Narrative Workflows

ANIM2015 Experimental Animation
  ANIM2015 Experimental Animation

ANIM3001 Independent Study

ANIM3005 Extension

AMIM3010 45 Credit ProductionANIM3010 45 Credit Production

ANIM3013 Pre production

ANIM3014Professional practice

 ANIM3027 30crd Negotiated

ANIM3026 15 Credit Negotiated Study