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The GerAniMo competition has now closed for 2015 - 2016 but keep animating over those hot (hopefully) summer months, as we return in the Autumn with an all new YouTube Format ! 

Keep it moving people.

Jacqui May 2016


Now I know you are all busy handing in assignments but that also means you will have a bit of time soon before the next semester begins to ENTER our fabulous #GerAnimo competition! It is a rollover. So you have your pick of two of our stash of quality animation DVDs PLUS the title of Geranimo winner for the month. 

The new theme is....well ..."NEW" to mark the new year, new semester and new start for our competition. As ever, be as flexible with the theme as you like. 

If you are stuck on how to create GIFs you might find the following links helpful:

If you are using a PC, rather than a MAC, then you will have the option to save as a GIF in Adobe Premiere too.

There are also a number of Apps available for saving gifs from youtube links or videos. These can be installed on your own laptops or used from tablets. 
Read article here

Scroll down for more info. Entries are via twitter and facebook. The winner is the one with the most 'likes'! Looking forward to seeing some entries and votes soon. 

Jacqui, January 20th 20

We are launching a new monthly competition for all our animation students! 
'GerAniMo' is a monthly online animation competition for students to submit short animated gifs. The work will be by students and judged by students via our social media pages. We will set a theme each month and students will submit and VOTE for their favourite. 

The winner will receive the accolade of being the GerAnimo winner as well as a small animation related prize. 

If you don't know how to create animated gifs, you can use our brilliant library resources Lynda.com to help you. 

Post your work @worcsanimation on twitter or on our facebook page ../WorcesterAnimation with the hashtag #GerAniMo.

As we are part the way through November already and Semester 1 end mid December, our first Monthly Theme will be 


Happy animating and happy voting everyone :)