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Animation Alumni

Boris Stoyanov is a concept artist working for the games and entertainment industry at BUBU Studio, Sofia,in his native Bulgaria. Although a BA Hons Illustration student, Boris chose to study many animation modules, which have helped him in his chosen career path. 

"When I started studying in Worcester I knew exactly what I wanted to become but had no idea how to get there. For that reason even though I was a full time Illustration student I knew I had to be prepared to work with all kinds of people, ranging from concept artist, illustrators, animators and art directors. So I took on 2D and 3d animation modules, really I took anything that I thought might be helpful.

The modules were fun and informative. They helped me think about different stances, walk cycles...and basically I started building up my character creation process. It really helps to know the basics on character creation and be able to move that character at least in your mind."


 I can honestly say that taking animation modules was one of the best decisions I made, because it gave me at the very least the basic understanding of animation and its application in different parts of the industry.


Troy Kennedy

Troy Kennedy is a recent graduate who has found an opportunity working as 3d artist with an upcoming games studio Heaven2Eleven

"During my time on the course I picked up a solid foundation of many areas of CGI such as modelling, texturing, rigging and animation. I decided to progress my artist skills to a much more industry standard therefore I chose to go ahead with modeling and texturing and adapt that into the gaming industry. This has enabled me to carry out further practice with 3D packages Maya and Zbrush.

I am now confident enough with the skills I have learned from solid study that I can produce any model within 3D, enabling me to enhance my portfolio making me even more prepared for industry level."


I would strongly recommend this course because it has a great step by step guide of learning each individual area of CGI, leaving you to use your own initiative to choose your desired area and adapt yourself to the 3d industry you wish to carry out a career in.