Below is a basic overview of the ethos behind the design of the curriculum and not the detail of the modules. That set of information can be found in the following pages.

Year One
Worcester's curriculum design takes into consideration lack of knowledge and understanding of those embanking on Animation studies. We also understand that all our first year students come to us with different skills and experiences. Therefore the First year is design to achieve two crucial elements. One to level the playing filed by exposing all students to essential crafts skills needed to aid their development as animators and film-makers.
These include drawing, spacing and timing, lip sync, character design and concept art, audio design, story boarding, lighting, cinematography.
Most Animation exercises are executed through the use of 2D traditional (hand drawn) 2D digital (hand drawn and  processed and cleaned digitally or digitally drawn) and 3D CGI.
Year Two
there are two main modules that make up the bulk second year studies at Worcester. One dealing entirely with industry processes and the other with personal development, and experimentation. Both include live projects in their briefs. Currently we are in negotiation with Alexander Hospital an NHS hospital as main clients to provide verity of productions from teaching tools to information films to inform the community. This rich mix of projects is ideal to both industry approaches as well and the more individual auteur approaches.
Along side of the two modules above, there are other modules that aid the development of individuals. these include modelling and animating in Maya (CG tools), Stop motion, and 2D animation.

Year Three
While the course is designed to maximise a career prospects in the Animation field, the third is where the student is given the space and opportunity to  realise this. Students are to negotiate series of production modules geared towards pinpointing their specialism and producing their final reel. The production modules are tutored in parallel  with the professional practice module where  a range of activities from developing a professionals CV and web presence and work placement.

While we attempt to provide comprehensive information about the course often unfamiliarity with the structure and certain institutional jargon can cause confusion. If you find yourself bogged down by this please contact:

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