Crack Screen +

This is the best and simplest app to prank to pull on friends!!!

1. Just download app on your friends device
2. Open app and tap on the screen. This will give to screen look like it's broken
3. Put down "broken device" on your friends table and wait for his/her pranked face :))

✔ Automatic alarm.
✔ triggers when device is moved or touched!!
✔ Timed Funny Sound
✔ 26 sounds preset
✔ Record your own sounds

You can also record your own sounds.
Some of sounds included are:
- 5 fart sounds
- Intruder
- Dog Barking
- Fire Truck
- Police Car
- Radio
- Alien space
- Battle
- Space laser
- Machine gun
- Monkey
- Woman scream
and many more!!

Don't hesitate, download and enjoy!
It's easy and it is real fun.

iPhone and iPod touch Screenshots