Captain Bob;

I know I've been gone for a couple of months, but I continue to hear how helpful you have been to patrol.  I really appreciate you getting into the trenches with us, listening to us and coming to our briefings.  I can see that you are truly devoted to be a great leader!
(a patrol officer)

Captain Bob;

Thank you for helping me raise my Lid.
(a patrol officer)


I want to commend you on the fine job you did last night with your presentation before Council regarding the Sunrise Vista parking  issue.  You were prepared and professional and your comments were clear, direct and neutral. The facts you provided supported, to a certain degree, the neighborhood  concerns of an increasing problem which, I am certain, made the many citizens who had attended this hearing feel validated.  At the same time, you did a good job explaining to the Council  how this is a bigger issue than just that of college students choosing to park off campus. 

In the debate that followed the public comment, it was clear that the Council, thanks to your presentation,  had understood that there were many factors that had to be taken into account in order for this parking issue to be successfully resolved.

Thank you for being such an excellent representative of the Bothell Police Department.

Carol Cummings

Chief of Police


Hey I want to provide you some kudos on the work you and Mo did in preparation for the meeting with Legal on the parking issue. Your handout with "we need" and "we already have" was very informative and easy to understand.


Thank you for that effort!


Henry  [Deputy Chief]

I have known Captain Bob Woolverton for 28 years, having worked under his supervision since my law enforcement career began in 1988.  Bob has always managed to deliver results for the agency and those under his supervision.  His management style is one of a genuine leader, providing training, support, and direction in a way that leaves those under his charge feeling like a participant rather than a subordinate.  Bob excels in strategic planning, organizational development, and delivering results in all areas of law enforcement.  Post law enforcement, I used the management techniques and supervisory style I learned from Bob to advance my career with great success, resulting in a senior executive role leading a national team.  I still discuss management  philosophy with Bob often and I am confident that he is prepared to lead a law enforcement agency with confidence, excellence, and the utmost of integrity.

Edward Hopkins

Leadership Instructor Evaluation from the CJTC:

Bob does an exceptional job in terms of developing credibility with the audience. He does this through his use of personal examples and illustrations and in his role as a Captain at Bothell Police Department. In his ‘real world’ as a Captain, Bob is making a dedicated effort to impact the culture of Bothell PD using the concepts and practices promoted by the Middle-Management program. In this regard, he brings personal and applicable credibility to the learning process. He exemplifies ‘professionalism’ and commitment to the highest qualities of policing and is a valuable representative of the Leadership Division of the Washington State Criminal Justice Training Commission.

Anonymous feedback from law enforcement students of CJTC Middle Management class:

What aspects of this training contributed most to your learning?

  • Bob Woolverton was the best aspect of the training because of his pertinent experience and the fact that he was present throughout the week and willing to discuss aspects of management and leadership outside of the classroom.
  • Dick and Bob.
  • Group exercises, instructors were knowledgeable and very approachable.

Do you have any specific feedback for any of the presenters?
  • Bob Woolverton did great.
  • The presenters were great.
  • Both did great and made it fun.