Photo: Bob Woolverton's father, 1st generation law enforcement.


      Bob Woolverton is second-generation law enforcement and he has a personal mission statement which is very brief, but carries a lot of depth in meaning and provides him guidance every day - his mission statement is: Lead, Teach, and Inspire.

         As second-generation law enforcement, Bob Woolverton has worked hard to add value to the law enforcement industry and every day he aspires to be a positive change-agent when it comes to leadership training.  At age 56, while working full-time as a Police Captain, he went back to college and obtained a Bachelor of Science degree in Management and Leadership.  After that achievement, he immediately continued his academic pursuits and at age 58 obtained his Masters of Science degree, also in Management and Leadership.  During this same time, he became a certified Leadership Instructor at the Washington State Criminal Justice Center, where he teaches a 40-hour course titled Middle Management.  Bob summarizes the curriculum of the middle management class as being a 40-hour crash course in organizational change, focusing on Executive-Level leadership.  He most recently obtained his Green Belt certification in Extra Lean Six Sigma.

Bob had the following to say about leadership and organizational change; "Leadership is nothing if not about change.  If there is no change, one could argue there is no leadership - leadership is not about maintaining the status quo.  A person who keeps their hand on the rudder of the ship and never changes direction is not a leader - they're just along for the ride.  The same can be accomplished by tying a rope to the rudder.  A leader is someone who envisions a better tomorrow and sees a way to guide the organization to that vision.  When discussing leadership, many people focus solely on the relationship between leader and follower.  They miss the concept that leadership includes leading toward something – leading towards a compelling vision, a compelling vision of something the organization aspires to become or aspires to achieve.

         Bob says the reason he gets out of bed every morning is that he wants to make the law enforcement industry better and he hopes the combination of his experience and academic pursuits will be used by those around him as a springboard to accelerate their leadership and professional development.  He hopes by sharing his successes and challenges, both professionally and academically, he can help tomorrow’s law enforcement leaders elevate the law enforcement industry to a higher level of professionalism, and a higher level of legitimacy in the eyes of the public.