Dog Walks: If you have more than one dog I can offer a discount for any additional dogs within your household.

Puppy Visit:  I will visit your home twice a day, each visit is 30 mins. Your puppy will be let out, fed (if required) and given some play time. I will also clean up any dirty paper and put some fresh paper down.

Dog Visit:  I can also offer a toilet break and feeding visit, so if you are away from home for the day, your dog will be let out to relieve itself, given a feed (if required) and receive plenty of cuddles and treats. 

Puppy Training:  IMDT dog training certificate. I offer basic training for puppies. I can assist you and your dog to live a happier more balanced life.

Dog taxi:  We offer a pet taxi service (pets to vets). If you do not drive and need to take your dog to the vet, we can pick up your dog, wait whilst they are in the vets and take them back home, you just need to arrange a payment method directly with your vet to pay the vet bill. We can also take your dog to the groomers or to their hydrotherapy session for you and collect when they are ready. We have a specially equipped van with bespoke built-in dog cages, we also have a ramp for older dogs or puppies that are not able to jump or if they have an injury. Please contact us for more information.