Pack Walks: I may be walking a pack of up to x4 dogs during our walk. All dogs are assessed by myself prior to any pack introduction taking place and packs are selected according to the personalities and suitability of the individual dog. This is a great way for your dog to socialise and have fun with other dogs.  
Discount available for any additional dog within your household. 

Solo Dog Walk: If you prefer your dog to be walked alone or if your dog is reactive to other dogs and cannot be walked amongst a pack.

Puppy Visit: Each visit is 30 mins. Your puppy will be let out to relieve itself,  fed (if required) and given some play time. I will also clean up any dirty paper and put fresh paper down. Once your puppy has had their full course of vaccinations, I can start giving your puppy short walks to introduce them to the outside world. 

Dog Visit:  I offer a toilet break and feeding visit, so if you are away from home for the day, your dog will be let out to relieve itself, given a feed (if required) quick stretch of legs walk and plenty of cuddles, playtime and treats.