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Our students and staff have been all smiles today as they come up to tell me how much they enjoyed the Vuthy Kuon presentation.  The audience of 250 kids was completely engaged.  They laughed and were eager to participate.  They could not wait to see what came next. 
     The program began with a brief bio of Mr. Kuon’s life.  He was hilarious when impersonated his teacher and principal. Then he read his book Humpty Dumpty After the Fall to the group while projecting the pictures on a big screen.  The last part was an illustration of a character that the crowd helped him to create.  He signed them and we have them on display at our school.
     Mr. Kuon was very professional.  He was on time.  He stayed late and autographed every book that was purchased.  If you are looking for an author to come to your school, I would highly recommend him as a speaker.

- Lisa Duke, Alvin Elementary

Your students will be totally engaged with Vuthy. He captures his audience through the history of his life, his writing and drawing. Our Kindergarten – 5th graders loved his performance. Then, he took the time to sign and do a small illustration in each book bought. It was an incredible day!

- Kay Richards, Bay Elementary, CCISD

We are so excited that Woody visited our school  The students and teachers loved him.  He is hilarious and does a great job getting the students involved. You won’t be disappointed.

- Tanya Norris, Keller ISD

"Vuthy is superbly entertaining, creative, and inspiring! Every elementary school need to experience the WORLD OF VUTHY KUON"  

- Paula Fortune, Oakland Elementary

"Our kids loved having Mr. Kuon on campus.  He was engaging and entertaining.  The illustrations he created were amazing.  Even now, months later, I have a hard time keeping his books on the shelf."

- Alison Love, Magnolia Elementary Librarian

“I have had Vuthy Kuon visit my schools many times over the last 15 years.  His performances are superb and the kids LOVE him.”

- Shanna Toal, Librarian, Liberty Elementary

Over the past 20 years in education I have hosted many authors, Vuthy has been the most interactive with the students.  I have been a principal in PA and now in SC, my first assembly scheduled in SC to motivate my students to read was Vuthy. Also, through the "Every Child An Author" Program, Vuthy has helped my students publish 5 books. 

- Dennis Devorick, Principal, Carolina Forest Elementary

"Thank you for providing a fun-filled, engaging program for all ages. You are an outstanding author, illustrator and speaker. I really want to commend you on being so flexible. You are a highly recommended presenter in my book!"

- Aimee Jones, Greenfield Elementary (EMISD)

My students and teachers were thoroughly entertained by Woody's presentations.  We loved the way he taught students how to illustrate - it was hilarious!

- Rachael Taylor, Librarian, Ouida Springer Elementary

"In all my 30 plus years of teaching I have not seen a more engaging, exciting and motivating author and illustrator! The children were spellbound, and excited about the possibility of writing and illustrating!"

- Deb Whitebread, Alief ISD

Vuthy Kuon did a presentation for the 4th graders at our school. He was engaging, entertaining, and funny.
The students enjoyed his storytelling and his artwork. They with not only an appreciation of writing but also the hard work that goes with the process. Definitely a speaker to have on your campus.

- Cheryl Sliva, Deer Park ISD

"The BEST SPEAKER we've ever had!"

Lynn Morris, Klein ISD Librarian

"Vuthy has excellent rapport!"
"The BEST AUTHOR VISIT we've ever had!"

Colony Bend Elementary Faculty & Students

“Dear Mr. Kuon,
     On behalf of Fairmont Jr. High, I wish to thank you for making our day with you so especially wonderful! You are still the topic of conversation! Students, staff, parents and members of our entire school community continue to talk about our “Vuthy Kuon Day.” The enrichment and entertainment you provided made an impact on all of us.
     The “after-effects” of your visit are definitely evident. Students arerushing to check out your books, and many additional activities related to your books (and to you) are taking place in the classroom. 
     Thank you again for the difference you have made in our community. Your visit shall be remembered forever!”

Patsy Horner, Fairmont Junior High Librarian

“I have gotten SOOOO many compliments on the program. They loved you! I can’t keep the books off the shelves. They are all talking about writing and illustrating.”

Sydney Hildenburg, Polk Elementary Librarian

“The event was wonderful! They want to know when you’re coming back. Every one of the kids went home talked about the personalization that you put in their books. You captured the essence of every one of those kids.”

Alice Swift, Stuchberry Elementary Librarian

“The students can’t stop looking at all the Humpty Dumpty pictures! They had the best time! They loved it!”

Gracia Smaistrala, Burnett Elementary Librarian

“He did a great job and was enthusiastic, personable, and entertaining.The students are still talking about him today...”

Dorothy Johnston, Wright Elementary Librarian

“Thank you so much for presenting your outstanding programs. Everyone enjoyed you and your books!”

Susan Rosenblum, Lakeview Elementary Librarian

“You handled the kids very well, that was something I did hear from the teachers. You were very good with the kids and kept their interest. I just 
thought it was great!"

Linda Pennison, Atkinson Elementary Librarian

“Thanks again for a terrific 2 presentations. The kids are still pumped up about it...”

Cathy Harbour, Wilson Junior High Librarian

“ I thoroughly enjoyed it! I like the way that each time you did Humpty Dumpty with the kids, you’d come up with a different picture. I think the kids got a lot from that.”

Nancy Lewis, Golden Acres Elementary Librarian

“The Nottingham Elemantary School and PTA want to thank you for coming to our school. The children and teachers loved your presentation! I enjoyed hearing you and laughing along with the kids. Your books are wonderful!!”

Diane Vickers, Nottingham Elemantary PTA

“Thank you for taking the extra time and trouble to fill the extra book orders while you were at Howsman Elementary. I know you made Elliot happy! He loved his picture! Thanks for all you’ve given to us!”

– Jennifer Langford, Howsman Elementary Librarian

“Thank you for an outstanding program today. The teachers and students have been coming by and saying how much they enjoyed your visit. We appreciate you staying 
and signing all the books."

– Catherine Davis, Eastside Intermediate Librarian

“The students loved it! Telling them about yourself helped them see that authors are real people just like them.”

– Burnett Elementary Faculty & Students

"We want to thank you for coming to our school. We loved your presentation! I enjoyed laughing along."

Spring Branch ISD 

"The BEST SPEAKER we've ever had!"

- Lynn Morris, Klein ISD 

"I have gotten SOOO many compliments on the program. They loved you!"

- Brazosport ISD

"I wish to thank you for making our day with you so especially wonderful! You are still the topic of conversation! The enrichment and entertainment you provided made an impact on all of us. Your visit shall be remembered forever!"

- Deer Park ISD 

"Thank you so much for your outstanding programs! Everyone enjoyed you!"

- Fort Bend ISD

"Thank you for taking the extra time... Thanks for all you've given to us!"

- Northside ISD

"The event was wonderful! They want to know when you're coming back."

- Pasadena ISD

“You’re the greatest man author I ever know!”

– Aileen, Elementary School Student

"Kuon motivates and inspires. Both Kuon and Humpty are destined for happy endings. It's wonderful meeting the author. He's so clever."

– FOX News

"Vuthy Kuon kept (everyone) laughing and eager to participate. He's funny.'"

– The Facts

"That was great! Excellent! (You're) reaching out to young people, I think that is awesome."

– Daystar TV Network

"His story is as fascinating as the books he illustrates. Excitement is what Kuon is all about!"


"Thank you so much! Great!"

– Asian Focus ABC-TV

"Vuthy Kuon is writing wonderful, WONDERFUL children's books. You need to hear about it. They are great! We just love your work!"

– Houston Celebration 

“Mr. Kuon was excellent. He provided significant insight. I will definitely take advantage of the information acquired.”

- Cathis Hall, Bethune-Cookman College / Gen. Mgr., WBCC Radio 

“Vuthy is a dynamic, entertaining and inspiring speaker. I recommend him highly.”

- John Maguire, Innerlight Nutritional Supplements 

“He’s high energy and very sincere.”

- Rita C. Ricks, President / CEO, Mirror Enterprise, Inc. 

“The presentation was amazing. Your energy, vitality, sincere and caring style came through loud and clear. Thank you for your vision and encouragement.”

- R.O. Hawes-Saunders, Hawes-Saunders Entertainment, Inc. 

“Vuthy is a very charismatic and energetic speaker/presenter.          His information is clear, concise and valuable. Along with his persona, his books are high quality.”

- Garrett Webster, The Webster Group, Inc. 

“Vuthy’s presentation was fun, informative and well-presented. He gave us a wealth of knowledge. On top of everything, he has an awesome personality.”

- Toya Weaver, Fortune House International Realty, LLC 

“I found Vuthy Kuon to be a very energetic, confident, informative and humble speaker. I will invite him to speak at any of my events. I highly recommend Mr. Kuon to anyone, as he will be a blessing to all who get to hear his message.”

- Laverne Hypolite