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Writing Project

"The Humpty Writing Project"

Teachers, we invite your students to help us break a world's record! We want to create the world's longest nursery rhyme and have it published online.

Please ask every student in your class, or grade level... or even your whole school to write their own new stanza for my new online book, "Humpty Dumpty Travels the World."

Assignment: Write 4 lines with the same rhyming pattern and meter as the original Humpty story. Have Humpty meet a new character (factual or fictional) from anywhere around the world, then have a strong or funny ending in the 4th and last line. All the writings will be connected into a long story. I will start the first page & you all write what comes next. The first page goes like this:

Humpty Dumpty travels the world
    Meeting lots of boys and girls.
Men, women, animals too,
    I want to share his journey with you...

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