Woodworth Family Association, Inc. 
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Pictures from the June 2006 West Coast Reunion
Jack Tone Ranch, Stockton, CA,
hosted by the Woodworth Family Association, Inc.


WFA, Inc. hosts Woodworth Reunion
 at the Jack Tone Ranch.

The WFA, Inc. has a Woodworth reunion on even years, and produces
Woodworth Connections, a quarterly newsletter.
(in odd years, there are Woodworth reunions on the east coast.
See http://www.woodworthfamily.org/)

(1)  Charlotte Carpenter and June Rice (sisters) at the
reunion check-in desk.

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(6)   Bill Woodworth with Fred and Edna Barnes


(7)   Fred and Edna Barnes


(8)  Bill Woodworth, June Rice, Charlotte Carpenter, Lowell Woodworth




(10)  This old doggie has attended all of the Woodworth reunions at the Jack Tone Ranch.


(11)  Jim Woodworth contemplates a photograph.


(12)   Dede and Guy Gansel arrive and make their way to the sign-in desk.




(14)   Karen Webb taking time out at the sign in desk for a picture.


(15)    Dede and Guy Gansel signing in.






(18)    Karen Webb visiting with attendees.



(19)    Virginia and Bill Woodworth with Fred and Edna Barnes.


(20)    Watching the Arabian horse show.