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The one at the top has a 'twisty' hazle handle.  The twists in the wood are caused by honeysuckle winding itself round the growing wood.
Nine-Mens-Morris-game-Oak-base-with-crackle- marbles.  
My craft work started with making these strategy games to use in class - the original puzzles had holes drilled in a piece of wood,  with dowel pegs as game pieces. The children liked the game so much, that I decided to make nicer ones. 
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I got these beautifully marked bits of oak from a sawmill near Cadnam.  Any pieces that were marked or had bark on were being thrown away into a bin for firewood!!  - dreadful!!
I rummaged around in the bin and got a bag full for £1
40-year-brass-calendar on oak bases.
I was helping TB test cattle on a friend's farm - one of the Longhorn cows coming through was very old and her horns had grown very long, curling round so that it was almost poking her in the eye!
One of the men sawed it off and I claimed it!  After much filing, sanding  and buffing, the most beautifully coloured horn emerged (see below). 
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