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Telephone: 01425 654929
Four friends and myself have formed a craft group called 'High Designs'. We have held successful fairs
at Godshill, Hale & Woodgreen over the last three years - including Hampshire Open Studios.
Please have a look at our website for this years events:
A select group of New Forest craftspeoplebags -
glass art - jewellery - silk paintings - wood & antler
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or Tel: 07748650555
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A good friend of mine, who I met through the 'Stickmakers Club',
pyrographs pictures on cow horn - some of her lovely work is shown below:
To see more of her work click on the link:
Jean of"J.C. Crafts" (02380 734605)
A few examples of  Jean's work:

A friend of mine, Sue Steggall,

is a writer and illustrator of wonderful children's books.

Her pictures are all collages made from different sorts of manufactured and handmade papers, built up in layers to create depth and texture. She now also give talks about her work and runs collage workshops for children in schools and libraries. In March 2011, she was highly commended by the Booktrust judges in their 'Best New Illustrators Award'.

For more information contact Sue's website





   Have a look at these super websites for 2 clubs I belong to -
The Hants & Dorset Stickmakers and the Ringwood Woodcarvers
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When not whittling, I'm lucky enough to play with the fantastic 'Gojo'.
                         Have a look at our website: www.gojo.me.uk
Our next Gig is at Salisbury Art Centre -12 - 2pm
Sunday, March, 2013
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