Pellet burner

This has to be one of the most simple yet highly efficient (97% in independent state tests) burners available.

An important feature of its design is the ability to connect it to any size pellet storage hopper.

Once set up it can be left to run continuously the onboard computer monitors the boiler’s temperature and manages the burner by stopping the burner once the desired temperature has been reached and reigniting when the water temperature starts to drop.

It also ignites in under 2 minutes from cold thus allowing an excellent response to heat demand from the system.

In the event of a problem the burner is designed to be removed with the single screw .the burner can be replaced and working again in 10 minutes by a installer  unlike other overly complex systems.(see picture attached)

The only input required from the user is to clean of the ash built up in the furnace, this is done every couple of weeks and takes one minute by using the built in scraper.

Because of its simplicity having only one moving part it is extremely reliable and works without blocking unlike some of the more sophisticated pellet boilers especially “under feed” furnaces.

It is available with 3 outputs  

1.    12-20kW  

2.     18-30kw 

jer oleary,
Aug 3, 2010, 12:37 PM