Woodviking Design Ethos

All products in the Woodviking range have been designed to conform to certain core principles and design ethos.

1.Reliability .
Its where they come from...Woodviking Boilers ,Burners and thermal stores originate from Scandanavia where extremely cold winter temperatures and isolated rural environments demand absolute reliability.A boiler failure is more than just an inconvenience it can be a serious emergency during the scandanavian winter.
Thus the Nordic Winter conditions  force the development of very reliable Equipment.
Too many modern Boiler designs have  come to rely on overly complex designs .They have tended to give a great deal of trouble whether it is the electronics or the other components.Our design process seeks to eliminate this where possible.For instance the basic pelletmaster boilers and logmaster Boiler units have no electronic units internally.The only electronic control element is on the external burner and it can be removed and replaced by a single screw.

Most of the units achieve efficency in excess the highest demanded standards in any of the offical tests they have passed whether on oil gas or pellets.installing a system should under most circumstances save a considerable amount over standard oil or LPG

In terms of price to quality we believe our products represent the best value on the market.They are intended to be a mass market product that any  household can afford.
The simplicity of the design and our high volume automated production allow us to produce our products very competitively.We also ship direct from our ISO quality audited Factory to customer saving and additional layer of cost .it also greatly reduces risk of damage.

5.Environmental impact.
Our systems allow people to eliminate their use of fossil fuels and still reduce their heating bills below oil or lpg.