Woodviking Logmaster Boiler

The Woodviking Logmaster is slightly larger than the Pelletmaster making it more suitable to log burning, It can comfortably take 18” (50cm) logs. Because of the larger furnace the heat exchangers are mounted horizontally, they will require cleaning more often (once a month depending on the quality of the logs) but are easily accessible. The Logmaster has all of the features of the Pelletmaster and can be fitted with a 20kw pellet burner, mounted on the side if neccessary. The Logmaster comes with draught regulators as standard. (The  Logmaster unit shown in the picture on the left has a pelletburner attached.The pellet burner is attached when pellets are to be burnt rather than logs)

jer oleary,
Jul 30, 2010, 4:15 AM