About Me

I am Cubmaster Donn, a life long scouter from San Mateo, California which is fifteen minutes south of San Francisco. Scouting runs deep in my family as my grandfather was a scout in 1920/30's and later became a leader when my dad was a scout in the 1940/50's, then my father became a leader when I was in scouts starting in the 1973.  

As a Cub Scout, I earned my wolf and bear badges plus 17 elective arrows.  As a Webelos,  I earned all 18 activity pins and all 4 compass points, plus my Arrow of Light.  In Boy Scouts, I made Life Scout and earned 44 merit badges, and technically made Eagle Scout minus my final board and court due to my ailing mothers health.  However at the same time as a Explorer Scout, I was active in two separate posts, one for 911 medics, and the other for law enforcement cadets, where I achieved Explorer Achievement Award (Explorer "Eagle Scout" ranking).  I have stayed true to scouting supporting the program as a post advisor, rangemaster, day camp director, and merit badge counselor. In 2009 my son became a Tiger Cub Scout, and now after all these year he has continued onto Boy Scouts working towards the day he earns his Eagle Scout.  While I have been an ASM in my son's troop for the past five years, I am also the Cubmaster of our old pack since 9/09/09.  In 2017 I was the first pack in my council to host the new kindergarten Lion Cub pilot program.  In 2018 I was the first cub scout pack in my council to welcome the young ladies in to the program.  Scout On!

BSA Trained Leader (Cub Scouts & Boy Scouts) 
BSA Merit Badge Counselor
National Camp School
USA Archery Level 2 Instructor
NRA Rifle, Shotgun, Muzzeloading, Pistol Instructor
NRA Range Safety Officer
BSA Rangemaster

Catholic Religion youth award 1976-1980
Arrow of Light youth award 1977
Eagle Scout ranking 1984
Explorer Achievement Award 1984
Cub Leader Trainer Knot award 1993
James West Fellowship award in 2009.
Tiger Cub Den Leader Knot award in 2010.
Cub Den Leader Knot award  in 2011.
William D. Boyce New Unit award in 2012.
Webelos Leader Knot award 2012
District Award of Merit in 2013. 
Cubmaster Knot award in 2014. 
Wood Badge completion in 2014.  This website inspired one of my tickets.
Pack Trainer Leader Knot 2015.

My love of wood working started at a very young age where I grew up all my life in both my grandpa and dads wood shops, while my other grandpa had a machine shop.  All of our garages were full of tools where I was taught to make many great things and been able to fix just about anything.  Now my garage is full of tools too and nothing beats the look on a scouts face when he takes an old piece of wood and makes something truly great out of it.

All along the way, I have met so many great scouters and shared experiences with them. One thing I noted was that many of the younger scouters (in their 20's and 30's) never got any wood shop experience in school because it was cut out of the program.  So I met many parents who do not know how to use basic wood tools beyond a hammer.

So my goal is to teach as many adults that tools and woodworking is fun and nothing to be afraid of. Once you know how to use the tools, it is not that hard and the fun begins!