Welcome to the Cubmasters Workshop.com and I hope you enjoy your visit and find my new site a useful tool to help you in your woodworking for cub scouts teachings. Bookmark this page and visit often.

New for 2015!  This website is hosted by Google sites so I am learning what I can and can not do with it, so this old dawg is learning new tricks each day!

I dedicate this site to adult leaders who have some hesitation about teaching cub scouts the basics of hand tools and woodworking.  I will be working on this site all the time, adding new craft ideas and help documents.  As I become a better webmaster I will add videos and links to my other pages like FaceBook, YouTube, and Pinterest, etc.

If have any questions, comments, or Google site knowledge please drop me an email at: ScouterDonn@gmail.com anytime as I appreciate the feedback and help!

Scout On!