Member's Only Information

updated   10/23/2014

Our  Member's Only  page contains information of interest only to 
Members of the Woodstock  Weavers Guild.   
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Honor Roll

Woodstock Weavers Guild Presidents, along with other Board Members and Volunteers provide great service keeping our Guild operating successfully.   Here's a 'thanks' for all their work.

This is a copy of our Show and Tell form for Guild Meetings.    The form has been 'upsized' to a full page, so that you'll have enough room for all the details.
  • You can 'download' the form to your computer and fill it out.
  • You should be able to save & edit or change what you've entered.
  • To fill it in on your computer, 'click' your mouse in the light blue date area and type; then just 'tab' to the next entry area.
  • When you're done, save it or print the filled in form & drop it of at the next Guild Meeting.
  • OR, you can just fill it out online & print it out.
2015-2016 Committee and Volunteer Assignments
 Guild Members volunteer for various assignments each Guild year to assist and allow the Guild to operate smoothly and successfully.   The reminder list is on this page.   If you think you might have volunteered, take a look.   And, thanks for helping to support our Guild.

Guild Job Descriptions
In order for the Guild to function and continue, Guild Members need to share the responsibility.   The critical way to do that is to volunteer for one of the Guild's Board Positions or one of our Committees.   When Members assume the responsibility for a small portion of our Guild operations, EVERYONE gains.   Please step up and consider volunteering for YOUR Guild.

Click the link to read all of our Job Descriptions.   Also, included are the typical time requirements for each job.

Member's Locations Map

We've mapped the locations of our 2014-2015 Member's residences.   This is helpful if you live nearby and want to carpool with another Member to Guild events.
 The Woodstock Weavers Guild Reference is intended to make Guild operations routine and repeatable.   And, easier for those involved.   This Reference is intended to smooth the transition from one Officer to another and to provide an understanding of what is needed for each volunteer job in our Guild.   The Reference also provides direction on what-to-do's when the needs arise.   Also included are a number of forms which can be copied and used or printed as needed.   The Reference is available on the Officers Only page.

The Woodstock Weavers Guild is chartered and governed by its' ByLaws.
 Policies of Operation

The Woodstock Weavers Guild has adopted some necessary operational policies which provide detail and supplement the Bylaws.

Guild Equipment Available for Loan to Members

A list of Guild Owned Equipment that Guild Members can borrow for Projects and Workshops.
Guild Member Equipment Loan Agreement


A copy of our Guild Member Equipment Loan Agreement.

  Tips on Using Picasa
The Woodstock Weavers Guild is using Picasa for its' Guild activities pictures.   Some tips on viewing Picasa is available for here in Adobe .pdf format.

  Adobe .pdf Viewing Requirements
  Currently, we're publishing the Guild Newsletter electronically via email using Adobe's portable document format (.pdf).   This permits your Guild to save some expenses in paper, ink and mailing, while doing a little to move towards a 'greener' environment.   Because the Newsletter sometimes contains personal information, we need to protect our Members and protect their info from general Internet users who have no need for that information, so we don't post the Newsletter on our Website.   We'll keep it private by emailing the Newsletter directly to you, rather than posting it on the Web. 

Since we've been distributing the Newsletter for several years in this form, Members using Macs and Windows PC's (including some who use dial-up) are able to successfully view the Newsletter.   You'll need a relatively current version of an Adobe .pdf (portable document format) reader (all of which are free).   If you want a test copy of a .pdf format Newsletter, send Gail an email.
  Saving and Viewing a WWG Electronic Newsletter 
Instructions on Saving a copy to your PC and Viewing a WWG Electronic Newsletter.
       Guild Forms

 These are standard forms for Guild business and are in Adobe .pdf format or Microsoft Word format, or both formats.

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