Meeting and Workshop Location Maps

Pending weather conditions, our Guild Meetings begin at 9:30am on the first Wednesday of the month.   Visitors and Guests are welcome at every Meeting, just sign in at the door.   

You can scroll down and see maps of all our venue locations below.   
For those of you who travel by GPS, specific addresses are shown for each venue.

*   From September through May, Meetings are at the McHenry County Farm Bureau, Woodstock, Illinois.   The Farm Bureau is located on McConnell Road just east of IL47/Eastwood Dr.
*   Our Workshops are held at various locations which are shown on the Workshop Prospectus and then below.
*   Our Annual Fiber Arts Shows have been at the Old Courthouse Arts Center on the Square in Woodstock, IL.   
*   In June, we usually meet near Marengo for our annual Meeting, our picnic & 'stash reduction sale'.  

Of course, we hope that you will want to join us at one of our Meetings.
Most Meeting days we go to lunch around 12:30pm.    If you can come, it's a great time to have lunch, share ideas, and chat informally with fellow weavers.   We do have a good time at lunch.
McHenry County Farm Bureau
1102 McConnell Rd, Woodstock, IL; 60098



McHenry County College (MCC)
8900 U.S. 14, Crystal Lake, IL; 60012

McHenry County College is between Woodstock and Crystal Lake on US 14.

For those who have been to a Workshop in Ridgefield, MCC is slightly southwest.
And, just outside of Ridgefield, there's a back entrance road to MCC, just outside of Ridgefield.

Cherry Lane Farm
18311 Garden Valley Rd, Marengo, IL; 60152

St. Paul Lutheran Church
1601 Garfield St, Harvard, IL; 60033

Ridgefield-Crystal Lake Presbyterian Church
8505 Church Street; Ridgefield (Crystal Lake), IL; 60012

Old Courthouse Arts Center
101 N Johnson St, Woodstock, IL; 60098

Illinois Wool and Fiber Mill
10828 Caledonia Rd, Belvidere, IL; 61008
The Illinois Wool and Fiber Mill is not well 'signed'.   Below are some maps and images that will help in finding the Mill.
A wide area location map.   The red star shows the Mill's location.

A 'closer in' area location map.   The red star shows the Mill's location.


June Picnic Location
3316 Millstream Rd; Marengo, IL;  60152

updated 3/1/2014