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Merit Badges

Merit Badges are the second main area of the Boy Scout advancement program. Unlike rank advancement, there is a degree of choice in the Merit Badge program. A sub-group of merit badges are known as Eagle required Merit Badges. To earn Eagle Scout, most of these badges must be earned although some are "either/or" badges. The remainder of the badges help with earning rank advancement, as well as Eagle Palms after the Eagle Scout award has been earned. Boy Scouts may work on merit badges from they time they join a Scout troop until they turn 18 years old. There is no time limit for completion of merit badges other than age 18.
A note on Merit Badge work: You must seek out the M. Badge counselor before you begin the worsheets in order for him/her to approve and sign off on the "blue card". The counselors involvement is an intregal part in learning and mastering the topic that you are studying and they need to be challenging and training you throughout the entire process. Do what you can to gain their knowledge
and insight.
Here is the link to the Merit Badge website, where all of the most recent worksheets can be found. The requirements for each Merit Badge change as the various Merit Badges are reviewed, revised, and updated. Make sure that you and your Merit Badge Counselor are both working from the latest edition of the BSA Merit Badge book and/or worksheet:
Other helpful links:
    Merit Badge blue cards
http://www.scoutingvermont.org/pubs/lib/adv/34124.pdf -online "blue card" form. This needs to be printed with the 2 sided printer option so that the "blue card" has a front and back
    Merit Badge Counselor application http://www.scouting.org/filestore/pdf/34405.pdf-  

Current Merit badge Counselors: ** indicates an Eagle required Merit Badge. You must have 12 of the 15 Eagle required badges to reach the rank of Eagle.

Aviation- Chris Fields

American Business- Dave Bollinger

American Heritage- Hunter Melville, Terri DeDell

Animal Science-

Archeology- Hunter Melville, Terri DeDell

Architecture- John Kamb

Athletics- Carl Hurd

Backpacking- Jeff DeDell

Bird Study- Chris Fields, Terri DeDell

**Camping- Jeff DeDell

Canoeing- Jeff DeDell

**Citizenship/community-Dennis Shillen,

            Dwight Camp         

**Citizenship/Nation- Dwight Camp     

**Citizenship/World- Chris Fields

Coin Collecting- Dave Bollinger

**Communications- Chris Fields  

Cooking- Terri DeDell

**Cycling- No Counselor at this time

Disabilities Awareness- Leanne Chynoweth
Dog care-

Drafting- Jeff DeDell

**Emergency Preparedness- John Kamb

Engineering- John Kamb

Entrenpreneurship- Jeff DeDell

**Environmental Science- Terri DeDell

**Family Life- Terri DeDell, Jeff DeDell

Farm Mechanics-

Fire Safety- John Kamb

**First Aid- Chris Fields

Fish & Wildlife Mgt.- Terri DeDell

Fishing- Chris Fields

Forestry- Jeff DeDell

Fly Fishing- Chris Fields

Gardening- Jeff DeDell, Dave Bollinger

Golf- John Kamb

**Hiking- Jeff DeDell

Home Repairs- Chris Fields, John Kamb


Ice Skating- Terri DeDell

Indian Lore- Hunter Melville

Insect Study- Terri DeDell

Landscape Architecture- Jeff DeDell

Law- Dennis Shillen

**Lifesaving- Chris Fields, Leanne Chynoweth

Mammal Study- Terri DeDell

Medicine- Chris Fields

Nature- Terri DeDell

Oceanography- Terri DeDell

Orienteering- Jeff DeDell

**Personal Fitness- ** now Carl Hurd**

**Personal Management- Hunter Melville

Pets- Dave Bollinger

Pioneering- Hunter Melville

Plant Science-

Pottery- Evan Williams

Public Speaking- Chris Fields

Reading- Jeff DeDell

Salesmanship- Mark Kopf

Scholarship- Dana Peterson

Scouting Heritage- Dwight Camp

Space Exploration- John Kamb

Sports- Carl Hurd

Stamp Collecting- Dave Bollinger, Carl Hurd

Surveying- John Kamb

**Swimming- Chris Fields, Leanne Chynoweth

Textiles- Terri DeDell

Veterinary medicine-

Wilderness Survival- Jeff DeDell

Wood Carving- Mark Lackley

Woodworking- Mark Lackley