radio kalahari orkes - die nagloper

the music and lyrics of David de Lange  

Artist: Radio Kalahari Orkes
Album: Die Nagloper
(Die musiek van David de Lange gespeel deur die Radio Kalahari Orkes)
Label: Sony BMG
Year: 2007
Reviewed By: Woodstock Slim

 I had no idea I was going to love this so much. Wow! I think we all have heard of David de Lange through artists like David Kramer. This was my first meeting with de Lange work so masterfully done by Radio Kalahari Orkes. All the songs on this album was written between 1934 and 1941 by de Lange. Also R.K.O. has expanded a bit for this album and have outdone themselves in my book, wow guys! There was very little know about de Lange as a person but as a performer his gigs were always sold out and sold records into the millions back then.
This album is just filled with fun and laughter and all the jokes are dead funny. The slightly sadder songs are great and tuneful and carries raw melancholy the way it should. You can not put this down. Like a good book or a great plate of food.
Die Nagloper contains themes of love, mampoer, dronkies, blue eyed girls, courtships, suikerbossie, marriage, sadness, farm animals and bizarre weddings and wonderfully played instruments. This record will fill you up and satisfy all you musical needs! It's thigh slapping, knee-jerking, foot tapping ass-wiggling monster music! Oops! Did I mention it was in Afrikaans?