woodstockslim record review page 




 Skeletons and the kings of all cities

The For Carnations



Larry Brown(tribute) 




 Axel Krygier

 10 ft. Ganja Plant

The Gourds 

 Dollar Store

Danbert Nobacon 

The Fathoms 

Sam Phillips

The Fratellis 

Von Sudenfed 

The View



Deadstring Brothers 

 Stars Like Fleas 

Taxi Taxi! 

 Neko Case 

Look Directly into the Sun - China Pop 2007

 Scotland Yard Gospel Choir

Andre Williams

Raz Ohara and The Odd Orchestra

Lightning Dust

Robert Plant/Alison Krauss

Igozalo! Vol:2  

Build an Ark 

 Poptastic Conversations

Rodolphe Burger

Mark Pickerel and His Praying Hands


Frog Eyes

The Free Pop Electronic Concept

The Low Lows


Pattern is Movement

Jacob Israel

South African


(This includes artists from the

        African continent)

Kid of Doom

Orlando Julius

The Dolly Rockers

Jane Rademeyer

 Tony Allen

The Buckfever Underground

Johnny Dopper and the Rubber Soles

Claire Phillips

Radio Kalahari Orkes

Die Plesier Parade

Fela Kuti - Lagos Baby 1963/69

Mavis Vermaak - Mavis Vermaak


..and plenty more to follow! 



(managers and key people behind the bands)

Hi all, My name is Clive E Smith and to those who are familiar with my music knows me as "Woodstock Slim" andDJMygarageissofullicantevengetmycarin for those out in the clubs. I started this review page with the help of Kurse Records, my love for music and Bloodshot Records. Foremost I am a widely published writer on almost all mediums and DJ on radio and clubs and sometimes weddings(barf!) I try and review records as honestly as I can and also make it interesting enough to read just as a piece. I don't rate the albums with stars or points so you have to read them, at least...

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