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Other Activities

Due to the fact that there are so many things to do outside, there are a number of activities WOODS hasn't yet explored. This doesn't mean that we never will though. All it takes is a bit of interest for people to start having adventures.

Orienteering - Wikipedia
International Orienteering Federation
Orienteering USA
North Eastern Ohio Orienteering Club
Central Ohio Orienteers
Miami Valley Orienteering Club

There are some great climbing trees around campus. We even have a map and descriptions of specific climbs! somewhere...
Tree Climbing - Wikipedia
USDA Forest Service Tree Climbing Program

Rope Courses
Ropes Course - Wikipedia
The Nuhop Center for Experiential Learning
Summit Vision
Lorain County Community College Rope Course
Common Ground Center

Trail Running
There are some great trails in Wooster for running.
Trail Running - Wikipedia
The Wilderness Center
Spangler Park (Wooster Memorial)

Geocaching - Wikipedia
Geocaching - Official Site
Geocaching in Ohio
North East Ohio Geocachers
Ohio Geocaching Organizations

Horseback riding
Trail Riding - Wikipedia
The College has an Equestrian Club. Trail rides are a great way to get out and about- go talk with the club!

Not many mountains in Ohio, and even when we do head out west, we tend to do it in seasons when heading into the mountains is a technical expedition.
Mountaineering - Wikipedia

Sailing - Wikipedia
American Sailing Association
US Sailing
ODNR Division of Watercraft
Boater Education
National Safe Boating Council
US Coast Guard's Boating Safety Division

Sandusky Sailing Club
Cleveland Sailing Association
Columbus Sailing Club
Hoover Sailing Club
Alum Creek Sailing Club
Harbor North
Leathlips Yacht Club
Wind Over Water Sailing School

The College offers SCUBA courses frequently. Check the course schedule for the semester if you're interested.
Scuba Diving - Wikipedia
Ohio Council of Skin and Scuba Divers
Gilboa Quarry Scuba Diving
Portage Quarry
Columbus Scuba

Windsurfing - Wikipedia
OHwind - Ohio's Windsurfing Guide
Wind Over Water Sailing School

Fishing - Wikipedia
DNR Ohio Fishing Resources
Wayne County Fishing Lakes
Ohio Game Fishing

Hang gliding/Paragliding
Paragliding - Wikipedia and Hang Gliding - Wikipedia
US Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association
Ohio Flyers
Parma Hang Gliding
Wings to Fly
Tandem Hang Gliding Flight in Columbus
Fly Ohio

Hot Air Ballooning
Balloon (aircraft) - Wikipedia
Balloon Federation Association
Kent Ohio Hot Air Ballooning
Real Adventure Hot Air Balloon Co.

Parachuting - Wikipedia
US Parachute Association
Canton Airsports
Skydive Ohio
Skydive Columbus

Downhill Skiing/Snowboarding

Wooster Activities Crew runs a skiing/snowboarding trip to New York in winter (or at least they have in the past). Watch out for that!
Skiing - Wikipedia and Snowboarding - Wikipedia
Snow Trails
Mad River Mountain
Alpine Valley Ohio
Big Creek Ski Club
Boston Mills Brandywine

Cross Country Skiing
The golf course in winter is a good place for this.
Cross Country Skiing - Wikipedia
L.C. Boles Memorial Golf Course

Ice climbing
Maybe a good idea for winter break. There's ice climbing in WV, TN and KY.
Ice Climbing - Wikipedia

Snowshoe - Wikipedia


Caving - Wikipedia
National Caves Association
National Speleological Society
Ohio Caving Clubs
Ohio Caverns
Mammoth Cave

We actually went caving once! It's just been years since we went.
Caving in Carter Caves, Kentucky. 2007.