(We're the Quakers!)

      We're happy you're visiting and hope you'll use these pages to learn about our Monthly Meeting. Perhaps you will give us the chance to welcome you face to face.
Some things to point out about Friends:
. . . our congregations are called "monthly meetings" because, while we meet for worship weekly, meetings to consider business are held monthly.
. . . a number of monthly meetings may gather together, perhaps four times each year, to worship, enjoy wider fellowship, as well as conduct business. This is called a quarterly meeting. We and six other meetings in Salem, Gloucester, Cumberland, and Cape May counties comprise Salem Quarterly Meeting.
. . . Friends traditionally have referred to days of the week by number. Thus, Sunday was First Day. Though most of this custom has fallen away, Sunday School is still called "First Day School."
. . . we worship in quiet expectancy that comes from knowing that if God has ever spoken to humanity, then the divine voice can be heard even today. We listen for that 'still, small voice' and hope to share it with other worshipers.