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 Free Classic Blogger Going Pink Templates

And also the instruction page on how to use them.

Right click on zip file link and 'save target as' to your own computer.

Click on Demo to see the template live

 Template One - Demo      goingpink_hott.zip

 Template Two - Demo      goingpink_hearts.zip  

 Template Three - Demo   goingpink_feathers.zip

 Template Four - Demo     goingpink_evening.zip

 Template Five - Demo      goingpink_skyline.zip

 Template Six - Demo        goingpink_roses.zip

 Template Seven - Demo    goingpink_simplypink.zip

 Template Eight - Demo     goingpink_erotic.zip

Template Nine - Demo      goingpink_purple9

 How to use these templates

Instructions for using these classic blogger templates

  Free Christmas Classic Blogger Templates

 Holly Template - Demo       Christmas Classic Blogger Template Holly 

 Winter Template - Demo     Christmas Classic Blogger Template Winter


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