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Evergreen sclerophyll shrubs
  • Dense thickets.
  • Sturdy, tough species that can adapt to wind and salt air from the usually nearby oceans.
Cork Oak
  • Medium sized, evergreen oak. 
  • Grows southwest Europe and NW Africa.
  • Forms a thick, corky bark; protects it from animals, wind, w.eatherCork Oak, showing the dark reddish bark shortly after harvesting (Algarve, Portugal)
  • Produces pods, with sap and leaves that usually bear  large amounts of tannins and tannins that are usually used from species as pharmaceuticals and preservatives.
  • The plants have adapted to live in the arid regions of woodlands and shrublands biomes by often bearing spines for protection from animals and weather conditions
  • Vertical orientation of the phyllodes shields and protects them from harsh sunlight, and when their edges are towards the sky and ground they do not intercept light as much as horizontally placed leaves.