The Fall
by James Preller.

Sticks and stones may break my bones ... BTW - so do words.
This novel addresses  cyber bullying and its long-lasting consequences.  Sam, keeps his friendship
with Morgan a secret from the "in crowd." Aware of their anonymous online taunts directed at Morgan,
he kept silent. The result was tragic. Who's to blame? Those who bullied or the one who chose to remain silent? 

     Once a year, people stop by the old oak tree to leave a wish on a piece of paper. While some children will ask for video games or a bicycle, one leaves a note that shakes the community to its core. What can be done in the face of racism and hatred? Told from the tree's perspective (PERSONIFICATION!), 
this tale of friendship tackles bigotry and the fear of the unknown. 

"Oh, the things I wanted to say to those two! I wanted to tell them that friendship doesn't have to be hard. That sometimes we let the world make it hard." 
-Red, The Wishtree, by Katherine Applegate.