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Locust posts

        We offer a wide range of locust posts and logs and help
you with the organization of the transport, loading and off-loading.

        Locust is an excellent material for pens and fences. We
sell barked, debarked and sanded locust posts as well.

Robinien Pfahl
        The 10-14 cm diameter posts are popular to build
playgrounds. We advice it for outdoor usage where these posts offer a durable, resistant and friendly solution.

Akazien Holz
        Debarked locust post. Excellent material for garden usage.

Holzpfahl, Robinien
        Sawed locust post. We assume the sawing of locust posts in unique sizes as well.These posts can be used for supporting system of plantations,fence posts and pier posts.

Akazien Holzprodukte

Holz Warenhaus