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Transformational Doll Workshop - Feb 9 & 10 2013

posted Jul 29, 2012, 1:53 PM by Greg Krakow   [ updated Jan 3, 2013, 7:04 PM ]

Transformational Doll Workshop
At Woodhill Retreat Center
A two day workshop:
Saturday, February 9, 9:30 – 6:00

Sunday, February 10, 9:30 – 5:00


Life is an evolutionary process . . .

From the time our spirits merge with our bodies and we are catapulted through the birth process, until the time our spirits are birthed out of this plane by the death experience, we are growing, changing, and transforming.

Our life experiences, both the planned and unforeseen, change us, mold us, and rearrange us. The Transformational Doll Workshop has evolved out of my own personal visions and experiences. So read about it, think about it, and hold it in your heart. See if it feels right for you.

Honoring our past, moving forward with intention . . .

In this workshop we will honor our life's journey. Throughout our lives each of us experiences pivotal events (illness, death, birth, marriage, divorce, etc.) through which we grow, change, and move in new directions. When these events occurred they may have seemed joyful or painful. Some we welcomed into our lives and others we resisted. In the end, however, they became catalysts for transformation, and we moved or were propelled in new directions. A shift of consciousness - a transformation – occurred.

In creating our dolls we move beyond labeling our experiences and celebrate the growth which occurred as a result of our life's transformative events. Through the use of color, fabric, beads, paint, and other materials, we will incorporate personal symbols of these life experiences into our creation.

After acknowledging the life-altering events which brought us to this point, we will then incorporate understanding of and intention for our present life into our work. Again, through use of personal symbols and materials, we will infuse our art with our goals and visions for our futures. Through the creative process and personal reflection, our Transformational Dolls will carry us full circle.

To prepare for this workshop you are encouraged to:

  • Spend quiet time reflecting.
  • Create a time line or list of pivotal events and think of symbols or objects which capture the essence of these events for you.
  • Journal some about your life and these experiences.
  • Draw or paint the feelings these experiences evoke.

The important thing is to get in touch with those experiences and reflect on what they mean in your life.

After reflecting on past events, shift your reflection to the present. Again meditate or journal on your life as it is now. Think of any changes you desire to bring into your life from this point forward. Envision symbols of these changes to incorporate in your work.


Barbara Odil has been creating multimedia contemporary dolls for over 19 years. Inspired after a workshop with Louisa Teish, a Yoruban priestess, she began making masks; these quickly evolved into masked figures. Her artistic studies included fabric design, metal working, paper making, painting, drawing, and costume design. Barbara´s art has been exhibited at galleries and shows throughout the U.S. and has been featured in magazines and newspapers and on television.

Barbara is a certified color therapist. She is also trained in shamanic studies and rituals. The Transformational Doll Workshop is a merging of her spiritual and artistic practices.

Registration Information

Fee: $250 with $125 deposit mailed by February 3

Barbara Odil, P.O. Box 23, Watkinsville GA 20677

Cash, check, and money orders, accepted. Call Barbara at 706-546-5601 or 706-621-0799 if you have questions about the workshop.

  • Each workshop is limited to 6 participants.
  • Additional studio time is offered and scheduled on a group or individual basis.
  • Basic doll making materials are provided.

This is an educational and experiential workshop. By doing this deep work, personal material may be released from the unconscious. While some of this material may be processed during the workshop, participants are encouraged to continue working to process and integrate it with therapists or other healers.