Wood-fired Ovens

by Giuseppe Genco 

 A bit of history...

Giuseppe Genco’s grandfather and uncle started making wood-fired ovens as a business 35 years ago. This took them all over Sicily and other parts of Italy.


Giuseppe took his family experience with him when he became a chef in culinary school. Remembering his family’s tradition of making bread, biscuits, pizza and roasts at home using a brick oven, he applies his family’s traditions to his cooking and his restaurants.


14 years hence, building brick ovens has become his specialty, with a deep understanding not only of the concept of building brick ovens, but also that of cooking in them.


...and a bit of trivia

Being a chef himself, Giuseppe knows what chefs want and need: reliable equipment that helps them create and produce great flavor.


Compared to conventional ovens that offer no flavor and require lots of maintenance on top of initial costs, wood-fired brick ovens offer great flavor, zero maintenance, and a guarantee that lasts for 200 years. Seriously!


Although a wood-fired brick oven seems costly to construct, it is cost effective in the long run. Industrial standard conventional ovens fall almost within the same price range at the time of purchase, but those may need to be replaced in 5 years. 


On the other hand, wood-fired brick ovens are durable and require virtually zero maintenance, other than periodic cleaning. They are meant and guaranteed to last 200 years, barring major catastrophes—and even then, the oven might be the only object to escape unscathed.