Urban Water Wholesale

As defined in the May 2016 Emergency Regulation by State Water Resources Control Board, Woodbridge Irrigation District is considered an Urban Water Wholesaler:

Section 865(a) (5) “Urban water wholesaler” means a wholesaler of water to more than one urban water supplier.

WID provides raw water to the cities of Lodi and Stockton for treatment and subsequent municipal uses. Urban water wholesalers are to provide information to a publicly-accessible webpage on the volume of water they expect to deliver to each urban water supplier in each of the next three years. WID information has identified The Mokelumne River as the source of water and the amounts it expects to deliver to each of its urban potable water retailers for the water year 2022, water year 2023, and water year 2024; and assuming in part: the normal hydrological conditions.

The Mokelumne River serves as the source of water that WID supplies to the cities of Lodi and Stockton. While the years 2021 was an extremely dry year and based on pre-existing agreements with the East Bay Municipal Utility District, WID should have a minimum base supply of 39 TAF or up to 60TAF . This could have an impact on the amounts of water WID could make available to its municipal customers. As required by the State, WID can make broad estimates for municipal deliveries in water years 2022-2024, based on the amounts of water WID delivered the cities of Lodi and Stockton in previous years.

Delivery Estimates:

City of Stockton: 2022-6,500 AF, 2023-6,500 AF, 2024-6,500 AF

City of Lodi: 2022-6,000 AF, 2023-6,000 AF, 2024-6,000 AF