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Science Fair 2-5 Project

How to Make a 2–5 Science Project.

All projects must follow each step of the grade level appropriate scientific method. See “What goes in each section of the science project, 2-5 Section” for the step-by-step description of the scientific method for grades 2-5 and what students need to do for each part. All projects need to be displayed on a presentation board (suggested size 48”x36”). Student’s name, and parent’s name must be located ON THE BACK of the board. Presentation boards can be purchased at office supply or craft stores. Large pieces of cardboard also work well. Each 2-5 student’s presentation board should have six sections and follow this format:


Title of Report for 2-5

Section #1

Section #2

Section #3





Section #4

Section #5

Section #6

Procedures/Materials/ Safety Concerns







                            (Side #1)                                         (Middle Section)                                (Side #2)


Here's a sample completed notebook created before writing on the display board:

2-5 Project Sample Project Design completed before starting experiments and writing on the display board

• The project must have a title, and each section must be labeled as shown above.

• The spacing demonstrated here is only a suggestion. The size of each section may vary; however, their order and location must be as shown above.

• Student’s name, teacher’s name, date and school name must be located in permanent ink ON THE BACK of the board.

• For safety purposes, no items or parts of your experiment are allowed in front of your board on the day of the fair. All items must be attached to the board.

• Pictures of student conducting the investigation are encouraged for section #5 Data/Pictures/Analysis.

• Do not use product brand names when comparing products; use brand “x” and “y”.

Please read the complete rules in the Packet

See the Sample Board that we created for your review.

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